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Tonight we kick off The Walking Dead season 8 with the 100th episode of The Walking Dead! This is going to be an epic episode and I can’t wait to see how the people of Alexandria, the Kingdom and the Hilltop come together to try and take the Saviors and the Scavengers down! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 right here with my The Walking Dead recap!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with the people of Alexandria rebuilding and then Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie give an epic motivational speech. He includes in this speech that only one person has to die and he will kill him himself. Meanwhile we get a look at Dwight who got a message from Daryl saying “Tomorrow” and he sends one back to him. What does it say? Are they trying to recruit Dwight to help them fight Negan?

Carl is going on a run for gasoline and when he gets to the gas station, he hears a noise. He pulls his gun out and he hears a man talking from a distance. He is talking about how he hasn’t eaten in a couple days and Carl is looking under cars for feet or something to tell him where this person is. He finds feed and runs over to him and he begs for him not to kill him and all of a sudden, you hear a gun shot and see the man run. Rick fired a shot over is head to get him to go away.

Back at Alexandria, Rick and Father Gabriel are talking and they are getting ready to put their plan into play. Rick is saying goodbye to JudithMichonne and Carl. He gets into a truck with someone and starts to drive off with a convoy of cars behind him. The next time we see Rick, he is putting a knife in one of the Saviors guts and leaving him to bleed out while he goes through his cooler. The guy is still talking and Rick pulls out a list of locations that we have seen someone crossing things off of. He is clearing zones of the Saviors with the help of some of the others. He signals his convoy that it is safe to continue.

Rick, Ezekiel, Maggie and the rest of their convoy make it to their destination and they are all discussing their plan. Maggie is telling Rick that she is going to stick around for at least the first part of the plan and Ezekiel mentions that she can go back to the Kingdom and see their doctor, but Jesus tells him that they will getting their doctor back. Meanwhile, Tara, Morgan, Carol and Daryl are waiting, they see a huge group of walkers coming at them so they blow up their truck to create a diversion.

The Saviors hear the explosion and start heading towards it and we get a look at Dwight back at the compound with two guys on the top of the roof behind him. All of a sudden, those two guys go are shot and killed. We then go back to Rick and the group who are waiting behind the walls of Negan’s compound. They shoot off a few rounds into the air to get his attention and he comes out and apologizes, he was “in a meeting.”

Negan tells Rick that he cares about his people and he isn’t about to start throwing lead at Rick and his people and get them all killed. Rick yells out to any of Negan’s people who can hear them, tell them all that if they surrender, they won’t die. Negan then asks “what about me?” and Rick reminds him that he already told him what’s going to happen. Negan asks if they think they have the numbers for this fight and then calls Gregory is called out and tells the members of the Hilltop that they will stand with Negan or they won’t have a home to go to. When Jesus tells Gregory that the Hilltop stands with Maggie, Gregory is pushed off the stairs.

Meanwhile, Morgan, Carol, Tara and Daryl set up an explosive to trigger when the Saviors return to their compound, it has been triggered and Negan isn’t happy. Rick tells Negan’s Lieutenants that they have to make a decision and they need to do it fast. All of a sudden, shots start ringing out and Rick and the group are forced to open fire on the compound. Carol leaves, Tara and Morgan head back to help defend Alexandria and Daryl starts luring the walkers.

After destroying the compound, Rick and the group start to retreat, but Gabriel notices that Gregory is trying to get them to wait for him. Gabriel gets out of his vehicle to save Gregory and Gregory decides that he is going to take Gabriel’s vehicle and leaves him in a huge group of walkers!

We end the episode off with Carl going back to the gas station and leaving some food for the man that he saw there earlier. We also end the episode off with the walkers surrounding Negan’s compound and Gabriel trying to find a safe place to hide. He goes into a door and hears Negan say from behind, “I hope you have your shitting pants on” and Gabriel says “What? Why?” He tells him “I hope you have your shitting pants on, because you are about to shit your pants.”

We get a look into Rick’s future, he is older and graying and Michonne is sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Judith comes in to tell her father that they are all getting ready for the party outside. Apparently they are throwing a street festival. We then go back to the pep talk from Rick to the others. Let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 premiere in the comments below or on social media!

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