Chicago Fire Season 6 Recap: Episode 4 – A Breaking Point

Tonight on Chicago Fire 2017 we watched as the members of Firehouse 51 worked to save one of their own! Keep reading my Chicago Fire season 6 recap right here for all the details! If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago Fire 2017, you can find all the details in my Chicago Fire season 6 recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago Fire 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 do NOT read ahead!

Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire season 6 started off with Gabby going to picking up a gift for Casey’s big promotion ceremony. Meanwhile, Brett stops Hope on her way into work to ask her about the $10,000 she stole from her last employer. Hope claims that her and her old boss were having an affair and having a mid-life crisis at the same time. His wife found out and he blamed Hope, but she clearly didn’t steal any money because if she did, her boss would have called the cops.

Gabby is on the phone with Casey telling him that she is grabbing a few things at the store and as she is walking back to her car, she notices something. The garage she is walking by is having construction done and while the jackhammers are going, the concrete is crumbling. She tells Casey she will call him back and throws the gift for him and her phone in her car before going to talk to the foreman at the garage construction site.

When Gabby goes to tell the foreman, he tells her to let him do his job and if his toaster catches fire, he’ll call her. She then tells a car that is trying to enter the garage that it is closed and the foreman gets mad. She tells him it’s a hazard and runs in to start trying to clear the people out. He runs after her and when they get inside, it starts to collapse!

Gabby finds the foreman and he is hurt pretty bad, can’t talk. There is a guy named Gil and an Army Staff Sargent, Will Tucker. Gabby tells Gil that she needs his tie to try and keep the wound on the foreman closed, but he dies moments later. Back at the firehouse, Brett is running with Kidd while Gabby is running her errands. Some of the guys at 51 are watching the news on the garage collapse not realizing that Gabby is inside.

Gabby, Will and Gil have found a couple more people in the garage. A woman named Colleen and a man named Brandon and she is yelling at him about trying to loot her truck. He tells her he was just trying to see if the CB radio in her truck works. Will asks Colleen if he can use the radio in her truck to try and get help while Brandon goes to see if he can find a way out they missed. The radio works, but the people on the other end can’t hear them.

Meanwhile, there is another person who is trapped in his car, but he doesn’t speak English. They are able to get him out of his car, but the structure is starting to shift. Will wants to start trying to dig themselves out, but Gabby tells them that they can trigger the rest of the garage to fall on top of them if they do that. Meanwhile, the man who doesn’t speak English starts to try and pry the elevator open, come to find out his daughter is stuck inside it. They are able to get her out, but the pillar that was crumbling is starting to crumble more. Gabby tells them that they can’t tunnel out, they have to reinforce that pillar or they are all going to get crushed.

Back at the house, they still have no idea that Gabby is stuck inside the garage collapse, but Casey just asked if anyone had heard from her yet. Back in the garage, Gil has collapsed and Will is complaining of a headache. Gabby has realized that there is carbon monoxide and they are all suffocating. They find that there is a car in the garage that’s running and causing the carbon monoxide build up. Will goes into the rumble to try and turn off the car.

Back at the firehouse, Herrmann’s wife asked where Gabby was and Casey told her he doesn’t know. She told him he was going to the store for party supplies, but she told him that Gabby asked her to do that. She tells him that Gabby was going to an antique shop near the garage collapse and that’s when they realize that Gabby is probably in the garage. When they get to the scene, they are told that a woman was giving the guys holy hell about the garage being a hazard before it came down. Casey knows that was Gabby. The entire team gets in line to help with clear debris.

Meanwhile, the man who doesn’t speak English is an electrician and he is working on getting the elevator phone working, he manages to get it going and Gabby makes contact with the crew outside. Casey tells her to get everyone to the north wall, that’s where they are tunneling in from. They are able to get enough of an opening to get people out. When Gabby doesn’t come out, Casey goes in after her. She is inside giving CPR to Will who she found laying on the ground. Casey helps get him out and everyone is happy to see Gabby come out of the garage.

Brandon finds Colleen’s rosary beads on the ground, she must have dropped them coming out of the garage. Colleen has been making racist comments the entire time they were in there and doesn’t even say thank you to him for giving them back. Meanwhile, Gabby is checking on Will and he tells her she is bad ass, she tells him he is too. Everyone gets back to the house for the ceremony for Casey’s promotion. Casey is filthy from climbing through the rubble to help Gabby.

We end the episode watching the ceremony and we find out what Gabby was picking up at the antique shop. She was having the badge of the first Captain at Firehouse 51 cleaned up for him. After presenting it to Casey, he tells her that if anyone deserves to be honored today, it’s Gabby. He says she saved many lives today and had the odds against her while doing it. Everyone starts clapping and he gives her a hug.

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