Survivor 2017 Recap: Episode 4 – I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around

Tonight on Survivor season 35, the tribes will be shaken up a bit and alliances that once were, might not be anymore! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 2017. If you missed last week’s episode, you can check out my Survivor season 35 recap here to get all caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We start with the new tribes! Blue is Ashley, Alan, Desi, Joe and Devon, Yellow is Ali, Chrissy, Roark, Ryan and JP and red is Mike, Lauren, Cole, Ben and Jessica. The reward challenge tonight is a winner takes all, there will be no second place in this reward challenge and the winner of this challenge will win peanut butter and jelly for their tribe. The new Red team manages to take an early lead and continues this lead throughout the challenge. They win the reward and the yellow and blue teams leave with nothing.

The tribes head back to camp and start getting to know each other and while they red team is eating, Jessica finds a “secret advantage” chip in her bag of chips. She goes back and finds that this advantage gives her the ability to block a vote at the next Tribal Council, if her team doesn’t go to Tribal Council, she can pass it to the losing team. She tells Cole about this secret advantage and he goes back to tell Ben and Lauren all about it.

Ryan is super excited that Chrissy ended up on his tribe because she was the one who he gave the super immunity idol. He tells Chrissy that it was him that gave her the super immunity idol and she is super thankful to him and gives him a hug. She tells him that she will pay him back for that and she now knows she has an ally on her team.

Meanwhile, the other members of the red tribe have realized that there is an advantage somewhere and it’s someone on their tribe has it. Cole told Lauren and she went and told everyone else. Jessica is not happy when she finds out that Cole burned her to the other tribe members.

It is time for the immunity challenge! For tonight’s challenge, the members of the tribes will race to a crate of puzzle pieces and then race to the second set of puzzle pieces and the first two tribes to complete their puzzles win Immunity this week. The red tribe is in the lead coming up to the second set of puzzle pieces and the blue team is right behind them, yellow isn’t too far behind. All the tribes are working on opening the locks and getting the pieces together on the table.

Red is the first tribe to win, Yellow is right after and that means that Blue is going to Tribal Council and Jessica has the opportunity to block one of those votes by passing the advantage to a member of the blue tribe. Devon is paranoid that people are trying to vote him off, but Ashley tells him that she doesn’t think he is the target. They all get into a group and start talking about it and Joe puts Ashley’s name out there, but Alan tells him he isn’t voting for Ashley or Devon.

Desi gets all upset because Joe put a target on her back, but he thinks that he put the target on his back. Desi tells him that he should use the idol on her because she is the one on the chopping block now. We also find out who got the advantage! Devon ended up getting the advantage.

It is time to vote and Devon pulls out his secret advantage, but we find out that it is used against Devon, he can’t vote tonight! Joe pulls his immunity idol out, which means he can’t be voted out. The votes are Joe, Joe, Alan and Alan which means Alan is voted off tonight’s episode of Survivor!

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