Law & Order: SVU 2017 Recap: Season 19 Episode 4 – No Good Reason

Tonight the Law & Order: SVU team investigates the case of a missing teenager who seems to have been the victim of some vicious cyberbullying. You can find all the details of tonight’s episode right here with my Law & Order: SVU 2017 recap. If you missed last week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU season 19, you can find my full recap right here and get all caught up.

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order: SVU 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 19 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at a YouTube star and her friends recording videos. In one of the videos her and a girl friend are invited to a party. That’s when the videos get a little darker and she posts one of and features a picture of her passed out at the party with nasty words written all over her. The girls name is Mandi Fowler and she has disappeared.

When Benson gets to the office, Rollins fills her in on what happened to Mandi and tells her that her parents are in the other room. Before they go in to talk to the parents, Rollins asks her if everything is okay at home and she tells her they are fine. They both go in to talk to the parents and ask about boyfriends, friends or if there is anything they should know. They go to see Mandi’s good friend Andrew, but he tells Carisi that he doesn’t know where Mandi is. He does mention Mandi and her best friend, Stacey, got into a fight so Rollins goes to talk to her.

Stacey tells Rollins that she doesn’t know who took the picture, but she knows that she isn’t alone. Moments later they get a hit that Mandi is live on Facebook and they are able to trace her IP address to Newark, NJ. She doesn’t look the same, she died her hair black and pierced her nose. The guy she is with, Ethan, tells Mandi she needs to talk to them and tell them everything, but she hesitates and he tells them that those people at the party did more than just draw on her with a sharpie, she was raped.

When Benson and Rollins ask Mandi what happened, she tells them that she can’t remember who it was because she smoked a joint and she never does that. The last thing she does remember is getting into a cab and making it home. She passed out in her bed and woke up the next morning to see the marker and she was sore down there.

Rollins and Carisi go and talk to a kid named Danny who threw the party and he tells them that it was her, Stacey, him and two other guys Max and Andrew. That narrows things down to it being one of those three guys and at one point Stacey left the party so she was left alone with them. Andrew tells them that he kissed her a couple of times, but she was too high so he stopped and the other two guys started messing with her.

Max is brought back in on child porn charges in order to get him to talk about who assaulted Mandi. They go back to tell Mandi that Max and Danny both told them that Andrew was the one who raped her, Max and Danny were the ones that drew on her and Max was the one who took the pictures. Carisi and Rollins go to the school and arrest all three of the boys in front of everyone in their class.

They bring all the boys in and Carisi and Rollins are talking to Andrew and he admits to having sex with her this time and Carisi is confused as to why he didn’t just admit to it before if it was consensual. He tells them that he didn’t want to ruin her reputation. Meanwhile, he gets out on bail and Mandi comes in with her parents. She doesn’t want to testify but her father is going to force her to. While Barba is trying to plea Andrew out when Mandi goes live on her vlog saying she isn’t testifying.

Rollins and Benson go to see Mandi because her message is very cryptic and she sounds like she is pink clouding, which is acting elated and excited right after a traumatic experience or big decision like becoming sober. These feelings can sometimes wear off and put someone in a deep depression. While they are talking to Mandi, she breaks down and starts crying. She opens up to Rollins and Benson and shows them all the cyberbullying going on since the boys were arrested.

Benson and Rollins are leaving Barba’s office and Benson tells Rollins about Ellie Porter’s mom coming to her house. She tells Rollins that she is filing a petition to vacate the adoption. Moments later, Rollins gets a text and they have to head back to the squad room. Max is there and he’s been beaten up pretty bad and his father is telling them that Max isn’t testifying. Max says something that triggered a thought from Barba.

Max said something about Andrew liking Mandi too much. Benson wonders if Andrew told Mandi this and kind of hopes that Mandi talked to Andrew even though she was told not to. They go to see Mandi again and she tells them that she tried not to, but she sent him a reply and Benson asks to see her phone. She shows it to them and the messages that they shared back and forth, implicate Andrew. His messages can be considered an admission of rape.

We end the episode off with Andrew being brought in for more questioning and he admits to raping Mandi. They get a deal for him which includes a year in jail, probation and he has to admit to what he did. This way their classmates know that Mandi isn’t a liar and they cyberbullying can stop. As they were leaving the courthouse, Benson is served with papers that state Noah’s maternal grandmother is petitioning for her financials and asking for a psych evaluation. She is questioning her ability to be a fit parent.

Benson goes to Mandi’s school to talk to talk to her class and she does an exercise with them all. She has them all close their eyes and keep them closed. She asks them all if they have been a victim of various types of bullying, sexual assault, hazing, etc. She then tells them all to open their eyes and they all realize that they aren’t alone and it starts a conversation between them all about how their different situations affected them. It was probably one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever seen on this show.

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