Chicago PD 2017 Recap: Season 5 Episode 4 – Snitch

Tonight’s episode of Chicago PD season 5 will show the team work a drug related homicide, the team gets a first hand look on how the “no snitch” culture works in their city. Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Chicago PD 2017. If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago PD, you can find my full recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago PD 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Chicago PD season 5 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of Chicago PD season 5 off with Burgess and Atwater celebrating Atwater’s brother Jordan’s 15th birthday. Atwater gets a text about an undercover job the team is running. Ruzek is meeting with a guy named Eddie who deals with a big dealer named Curtis. The meeting goes pretty well, but then Curtis and his guy just stand up and leave. Ruzek and Eddie make plans to meet up later to talk shop, but then he doesn’t answer his calls. Ruzek shows up at Eddie’s house and his door is open.

He goes in and sees a trail of blood and follows it out to the back yard. Eddie is on the ground in the yard and he has been shot. Ruzek goes up to him and puts pressure on his wound and asks him who did this. He also tells him he is a cop, which probably killed any chance of Eddie cooperating. He tells Ruzek he isn’t going out like a snitch and dies moments later without giving him the name of the person who did this.

When the team gets there to start investigating Eddie’s death, Ruzek is beating himself up over it because Eddie was shot because Ruzek was made. The neighbors aren’t very cooperative when the team is asking questions, but they are able to get their hands on some footage from a spotter cam. Looks like it could have been Curtis, but they don’t have enough for a warrant. Antonio and Burgess head over to Curtis’ and  Olinsky and Upton head over to the bar Ruzek and Eddie met earlier that night.

The bartender isn’t giving them any kind of information, but Olinsky finds a counter surveillance device in the bar which probably picked up on Ruzek’s wire. Meanwhile Halstead finds out that there was a set of prints in Eddie’s house belonging to a Roland GarrettVoight send the team to go pick him up and they tell him that Eddie had been murdered and Roland tells him he knows, Roland is Eddie’s brother. Roland was there when Eddie was killed. Roland tells them that he was in the kitchen when the shooter knocked on the back door.

He said that he didn’t see the shooter. Voight and Atwater tell him that they have Roland’s bloody footprints in the house. He tells them that he walked over and saw that Eddie was shot and got scared. He ran out of the front door and called 9-1-1. Roland doesn’t want to help because he is afraid he will end up like his brother. Upton finds more video footage of someone getting into a BMW just a couple blocks away from Eddie’s house. The BMW is registered to the girlfriend of Andre Walker, Curtis’ right hand who was also at the meet with Eddie and Ruzek.

They go over to her house and Andre answers the door and Ruzek shows him the warrant for the car. There was no blood evidence in the car though. Ruzek is pissed that there wasn’t anything in the car, but Atwater gets some dirt on Andre’s girlfriend, Maya. She sells drugs out of an unlicensed hair salon and has two priors. After arresting Maya, Andre comes by and Ruzek tells him that his girlfriend has two priors and with this one she is going away for a long time. Andre doesn’t seem too worried about that though.

Back at the station, Atwater thinks he can get Roland to cooperate and Voight tells him to go ahead and give it a try. As he turns to leave, he gets a text and tells Voight and Ruzek they might need another plan. Roland was shot twice in the chest at the store he runs. The store wasn’t robbed, Roland was just shot and they left. A witness said they saw someone throw something in the dumpster in the back. Atwater goes outside to talk to witnesses and he sees Jordan outside. He asks Atwater what happened and he told him and then brought him home.

They found the weapon in the dumpster, it’s the same gun that killed Eddie and Roland, but there is no link to Andre or Curtis because there were no prints and the gun was stolen from Wisconsin. Voight goes to talk to the States Attorney’s office to try and get a warrant, but he sees Antonio talking to someone from AIB. Voight goes to Ruzek and tells him that someone saw Ruzek punch Andre in the face and he has been reported. Ruzek then goes to Upton and asks her to go with his story, but she tells him she has to think about it.

Meanwhile, there is some more surveillance footage from Roland’s murder and they see the guy throw the gun into the dumpster and then notice something else in the video. Looks like someone else is there, but the only thing they can make out is the back of a shoe, which has an 8 on it. Just like the ones that Atwater gave to Jordan earlier in the episode for his birthday. Burgess and Atwater look at each other and know they have to go talk to Jordan.

Atwater asks Jordan if he saw the face of the man who threw the gun in the dumpster and he tells him he did. He also tells Atwater that he is worried that what happened to Roland to happen to him. Atwater tells him that he isn’t going to let that happen. Jordan asks him what he should do and Atwater tells him that he just wants him to have some self respect and do what he thinks is right.

Jordan agrees to point out the person that shot Roland and Atwater brings him in the next day. The woman from the State Attorney’s office comes and brings him into the other room. Voight asks Atwater if he is sure about this and he tells him “no” and Voight asks him why he’s doing it then. He tells him its the right thing to do and Voight tells him he needs to do what’s right for him and his family. Jordan looks at a series of photos and picks Curtis out of them and IDs him as the man who threw the gun into the dumpster.

The go and arrest Curtis and after a brief shoot out, Curtis runs down an alley, but Atwater is right behind him. Atwater is able to get to him after a failed attempt to scale a wall. Curtis drops his gun and Atwater begs him to pick it up. Voight comes up behind him and tells Atwater to be careful, he might have another weapon on his ankle. When Antonio and Upton come up from behind, Voight tells Atwater to stand down.

We end the episode off with Denny coming to talk to Voight in private about the case against Ruzek disappearing. Burgess, Ruzek, Upton and Halstead go out for drinks. When Ruzek makes a snarky comment in reference to the chance of Upton throwing him under the bus. She tells Ruzek that the case went away. She went and talked to the witness and she agreed to recant her story. Voight and Olinsky are at another bar. They are talking about Antonio telling Voight he was going to a parent teacher conference and then going to meet with the States Attorney instead.

Atwater is bringing his sister and brother out to dinner when he notices a black SUV and then a man comes in. He thinks that the man is reaching for a gun in his pocket so he pulls his out of his waist and puts it on his lap under the table. The man only pulls out a phone. Then there is a loud crash behind him when a waiter drops something and he jumps. You can tell that this whole thing has Atwater a little paranoid about the well being of his family.

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