Chicago PD 2017 Preview: Episode 4 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Chicago PD season 5, Antonio took it upon himself to take a case from homicide for the Intelligence team to solve. The case seemed unsolvable when all the evidence went up in flames and the only witness to the case was a five year old boy. When asked, the boy did a lineup, but didn’t identify the right person the first time. He immediately recanted his ID and picked someone else, but Antonio seemed to be coaching the boy so it didn’t fly. If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago PD 2017, you can get all caught up with my recap right here!

This week we will watch as the team is under fire when all the times they bent and broken the rules starts to catch up to them. The team is under a bit of a microscope and it all started with the cameras in the interrogation rooms a couple week’s back. This week we will watch as the team tries to prove that they handle things the right way to get the results that they get, but what happens if they can’t prove that?

At the end of last week’s episode, Antonio finds out that Voight went and told gang affiliated relatives of one of the victims that their case against the suspect was unable to be proven. Antonio finds their lead suspect on the table in his own house and slit open like he would do to his victims. When Antonio goes to Voight, he doesn’t say anything he just stares at him with anger in his eyes. Voight tells Antonio that he wanted this to be the outcome, but he was too afraid to say it, to become that person.

Did Antonio snitch? Did he turn his back on Voight after what happened in last week’s episode? Check out this clip of tonight’s episode where Ruzek needs to be reminded that the team is in trouble and he can’t act the way he does with suspects. Let me know what you think of this season so far in the comments below or on social media!

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