This Is Us 2017 Recap: Season 2 Episode 4 – Still There

Tonight on This Is Us season 2, Rebecca and Jack deal with having Rebecca’s mother in town in the flashbacks. Meanwhile, Beth and Randall are adjusting to being foster parents on This Is Us 2017. Keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 2 and if you missed last week’s episode, you can find all the details here!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We start this episode off with a look back at Jack, Rebecca, Randall, Kate and Kevin at the video store looking for movies in case they are snowed it. Kevin is super whiny and Rebecca notices that Kevin has a fever and when they bring him to the doctor they find out that Kevin has the chicken pox.

Back in present day, Beth and Randall are getting the girls ready for school and when they head out of the kitchen, Beth and Randall have a conversation about how Deja needs to take a bath. They don’t know how to approach the conversation with her without making her hate them even more. Later when they are bowling, a girl makes a comment about her hair and Deja pushes her, this causes a bit of a back and forth between Randall and the other girl’s father, but ends with Randall and the girls leaving.

Kate is trying to lose weight for a dress she wants to wear for her first gig and Kevin is having a bit of a set back. His knee injury is getting worse and he finds out he needs to have minor surgery to have it fixed. He gets to Kate and Toby’s house and he is talking to Sophia and she is asking if she needs him to come out. He tells her he is fine and that she doesn’t need to come out. Kate leaves for yoga and Kevin is already trying to take his bandages off.

Back in the flashback, Rebecca’s mom shows up unannounced in the middle of a snow storm. She is instantly getting Rebecca and Jack’s nerves by making comments about how messy the house is. Rebecca says that they have 10 year old triplets, two of which are sick, what does she expect? Grandma brought presents, she gets Kevin a football helmet, Kate a little mermaid costume that is too small, tells her it could be her “goal dress” and gets Randall the third basketball in three years.

Back in preset time, Randall is conflicted with what happened at the bowling alley and tells Beth that maybe she should talk to her about the hygiene issues. Back in the flashback, Randall is trying to get the chicken pox by hugging Kate, but she is running from him. He asks his grandmother to come in and check out his project for the science fair, but she tells him to come get her when it’s finished.

Rebecca is cooking and her mother comes in to critique it. Rebecca then tells her mother to cook it. She starts talking to Kate about teaching her to talk and explains that the recipe for the soup that they are making came from their maid from when Rebecca was a little girl. She adds that the maid was a wonderful black woman, but she had to consistently correct her English so that her kids didn’t sound like street kids. Rebecca is clearly noticing the racist tone in her voice and calls for Jack before she says something she regrets. Jack is now feverish, even though he thought he had the chicken pox already.

Beth goes in to talk to Deja and she is packing her bag because she thinks that Beth and Randall were going to kick her out. Beth sits her down and talks to about the pushing and tells her that if it happens again, she will be grounded, but she hopes that it doesn’t happen again. She then tells her about how her sisters and mother used to fight all the time, but they always came together and did each other’s hair. She tells her that she isn’t sure why she isn’t washing her hair, but offers to bring her to her salon to have it done. Deja then asks Beth if she could do her hair for her.

While doing her hair, she notices that Deja has bald spots in her hair. She tells Deja that he sister has alopecia and it happens to her. Deja tells her that it gets worse when there is a lot going on. Beth tells her that stress can trigger it and then tells her that she learned how to do her hair in such a way to cover the patches and then tells Deja that she can do that after she washes her hair out. Deja tells her she would like that and we see Deja smile for the first time since she got to their house.

Back in the flashback, Rebecca is snippy with her mother and then when her mother asks her if she is okay, she tells her that she is. After poking at Rebecca more and more, Rebecca finally tells her that she can put up with some of the things her mom is doing and she always thought that she couldn’t bond with Randall like she does with Kate and Kevin because he was adopted. She then tells her that after listening to her talk, she realized that it’s actually because he is black.

She tells her that Randall likes football like the rest of them, not basketball, their maid didn’t need her constantly correcting her speech and they changed churches when she was 16 because their new pastor was from Ghana. She tells her mother that she is a racist and she will not expose her son to that kind of hate. She tells her that when the snow is gone, she wants her gone. Randall is standing right behind her and hears some of this conversation. He tells her he found a chicken pox and she gives him a hug and tells him they will go upstairs and put calamine lotion on them.

Beth and Randall are talking about Deja and how she let her do her hair and then Randall goes to talk to Deja. He tells her that he is sorry for what happened at the bowling alley and then tells her that he copes with stress by running and if she ever wants to join him, she can. She gets upset that Beth told Randall about her saying she was stressed and their conversation.

Kevin is trying to push himself through this recovery and Toby comes in and tells him he needs to stop or he is going to hurt himself. This turns into a conversation about how Kevin needs to do this and get better so his knee doesn’t ruin his shot at acting like it did football. He tells Toby that production shifted the schedule and gave one of his lines to another actor already. He tells Toby he is going to do whatever it takes to get better.

We end the episode off with Jack in bed with all the kids and he asks Rebecca for the Tylenol, but it’s downstairs where Rebecca’s mother is. He realizes that everyone is avoiding going downstairs because they don’t want to see grandma. Jack goes outside to start digging out her car so that she can leave and they can go back to normal. While he is shoveling, he gets a little help from. Rebecca tells her that he car is all dug out and she can leave, but she wants to say goodbye to Randall and the kids first.

Kevin is watching old football videos from when his father used to record them. He gets emotional and takes one of the pain killers that he said he didn’t want to take because they make his mind fuzzy. Deja cuts all of her hair off as a statement to tell Randall and Beth that she is upset with them. We also find out why Kate has been so hands on with her weight loss and it’s not because she wanted to fit into her dress, it’s because she is 6 weeks pregnant!

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