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Tonight on The Gifted season 1, we watched as Reed does what he has to in order to be reunited with his family. Keep reading my The Gifted 2017 recap right here for all the details! If you missed last week’s episode of The Gifted 2017, you can get caught up with my The Gifted season 1 recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Gifted 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Gifted season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of The Gifted season 1 off with a flashback of Polaris and Eclipse outside the Mutant Underground when she reveals to him what her ability is. She tells him that she wears steel toe boots and metal bracelets because when she was 16 she realized she can use her ability to fly. She then asks Eclipse what his ability is and he shows her. They hold hands and aurora borealis happens at their finger tips.

Meanwhile, in present time, Jace Turner, the Sentinel Service agent, goes to see Polaris and tells her that he is going to take down all her friends. She wishes him luck with that and he tells her that he doesn’t need luck and he is starting with Eclipse. Meanwhile at the Mutant Underground, Thunderbird, Eclipse, Caitlin and a couple others are talking about how to get Polaris out of jail. Caitlin thinks their might be a legal way of doing it, but no one else thinks that. Thunderbird decides that he is going to talk to Blink about helping her control her powers, they will be used later to try and break Polaris out.

Caitlin wants to go talk to her brother Danny to find out if he can help find their father. When she tells the kids that she will be back tomorrow, they tell her she isn’t going anywhere without them. They can protect her is someone from Sentinel Services shows up and they can’t lose her after losing their dad.

Meanwhile, Reed is working with Jace to put together a plan on how to get Eclipse into their custody. Back at the Underground, Thunderbird is helping Blink control her abilities when he sees footprints. He uses his ability to find out that they are Caitlin, Andy and Lauren’s and he goes back to tell Eclipse. They know that she left because she thinks she can help and she is very naive, but they are worried that she will get caught and point Sentinel Services in their direction.

Caitlin and the kids get to her brother Danny’s house and they are talking about how she needs help. She tells him that she needs to find Reed and she knows that he has connections. He tells her that no one wants to even look in his direction since all this. He then tells her that he can go to jail for letting her in the door and she tells him that she needs help. He tells her that he has to consider his family and she reminds them that her, Reed and the kids are his family too. He tells her that they can stay the night and take the money in the safe, but in the morning, they have got to go.

Jace has Reed going into the bar he met Eclipse at the first time to try and talk to the bartender. He is told to try and get information from the bartender, but things don’t start off too good between them. The bartender actually pulls a gun on him, but Reed is able to sell his story and the bartender tells him to come inside. He brings him to a back room where there a woman and her child. He tells them that they will move tonight. Tells Reed that he will bring them to a drop point where they will be picked up by someone else to bring them to the underground.

She tells Reed that Sentinel Service took her husband. He winces in pain from the immobilization round he was shot with and the woman puts her hand on his side and takes away his pain. She tells him that she can’t heal him, but she can at least do that. When they leave in the van, Reed starts to feel bad for what he is doing. He is trying to get the bartender to stop the van and let him out and tells them that he has a tracker, when the bartender refuses to stop, Reed jumps out of the moving van and the bartender cloaks it as they take off. Jace isn’t happy about this at all.

Back at the detention center, Polaris is trying her luck with breaking down the door of her cell. She is able to do it, but makes he nose bleed in the process and exhausts herself. Back at Danny’s house, Danny’s son sent a picture of a trophy that Andy bent to a friend and now his house is surrounded by the dads in the neighborhood. Luckily for them, Eclipse and Thunderbird were able to track them down and get them all out of there safely. After Danny is hit in the head with one of the men’s guns. After they get into the car, the men all follow them trying to stop them.

Thunderbird calls the underground to get some help, but the only way they can help is if they make Blink think that she has something to care about. One of the other mutants, Dreamer, puts fake memories into Blink’s mind that makes her think that her and Thunderbird are in a relationship of some kind and she runs out to make a portal to get them out of harms way. She is able to do it and Thunderbird knows about what Dreamer did with the fake memory and he isn’t happy about that.

We end the episode off with Jace getting a call from the doctor at the end of last episode and he tells Jace that he is very interested in the case and proposes a partnership. Jace turns it down. Caitlin gets a call from Danny and they meet up. He apologizes to her for the way that he treated her when she came for help. He tells her that him and his wife have a cabin out of state that her and the kids can stay at. He also tells her that he made some calls and Reed is alive, but him and Polaris are being taken to a top secret facility. He tells her that she should just face the fact that she is never going to see him again. She tells him he is wrong.

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