Big Bang Theory 2017 Recap: Episode 4 – The Explosion Implosion

Find out what happened when Penny and Beverly start to bond on The Big Bang Theory season 11 right here with my The Big Bang Theory 2017 recap. If you missed last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory season 11, you can find last week’s recap right here and get all caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: The Big Bang Theory 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Big Bang Theory season 11 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Bernadette and Howard finding out what the gender of their baby is. Even though they claim they don’t have a preference, they both have a panic attack when they find out it’s a boy. Howard is worried that he won’t be able to teach his son how to be a man. Worried that he won’t know how to talk to him about sports or things like that, but then realizes that he could teach him how to build model rockets.

Leonard has to go to the dry cleaner and before he leaves his mother starts calling on skype, he runs out the door to avoid the conversation. Penny answers it and has a pretty uncomfortable conversation about what Beverly did the night before which included Cuban food and sex with a man who didn’t satisfy her.

Meanwhile, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are going through some of Howard’s model rockets and Sheldon comes across one of Howard’s old models that his father bought him. Howard makes sure to add in the fact that he bought him the rocket before he abandoned him. He never built it but decided that him and Sheldon should build it together. A bonding experience for them. When they get the model rocket together, they try to launch it, but it falls apart.

Penny gets a call from Beverly and lets her know that she made a mistake and called her phone instead of Leonard’s and Beverly tells her that she was actually calling to talk to her. She explains that she doesn’t have any “girl friends” and was hoping that her and Penny can become “girl friends.” Penny then asks her what she wants to talk about and Beverly mentions that the last time they talked they talked about her life and that this time they should talk about Penny’s life if they want to be real girl friends.

Penny tells her that if they want to be real girl friends they should get a third girl so they can trash her behind her back and Beverly is intrigued by the idea of being catty. She then brings up Amy and tells Penny that she thinks Amy is old fashioned. Later while Penny is making her and Leonard lunch, she mentions that Beverly is texting her. Leonard tells her to be careful what she says to his mom because the next thing she knows there will be a book about her. She tells him it’s not like that, they have actually had some great conversations and then gets the sense that Leonard doesn’t want her to be friends with his mom. He then reminds her that he married her to get his mother mad.

Howard has another breakdown about being the dad of a son and how he doesn’t know what he is doing. Sheldon then reminds him that he doesn’t know how to be the dad of a daughter either, but he is. That doesn’t help Howard’s breakdown though. On their way home, Sheldon asks Howard if he can drive. Howard tells him that he doesn’t have a license, but Sheldon does have a license. He got it three years ago, but the only time he drove he got sick, but the roads are straight and he thinks he can do it. Howard lets him and things seem to be going well until Sheldon asks if he can drive faster and he slams on the gas.

Leonard calls his mother and asks her why she isn’t proud of him and she asks him why he thinks that. He tells her that she never told him that she is proud of him, but two days on the phone with Penny and she told her how proud she was of her. Beverly tells Leonard that she is proud of Penny because she is confident and doesn’t complain about Leonard and she knows how hard that is. Beverly then goes on to say that Penny is her favorite when it comes to her children’s spouses and that Leonard married well and for that she is proud of him. He hangs up with her so he can cry without her seeing. Emotions make her uncomfortable.

We end the episode off with Sheldon being pulled over by a state trooper for speeding and when the officer asks him if he knows how fast he was going, he answers “112.” He then hands the officer his license and tells him he could keep it.

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