Hell’s Kitchen Season 17 Recap: Episode 3 – Tower of Terror

Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen season 17, the chefs will complete a four-tiered shellfish tower with “fast-hands” and the first of the Hell’s Kitchen 2017 teams to finish, wins! Find out which of the Hell’s Kitchen season 17 teams wins and which team will be forced to prep for a massive fish delivery right here with my Hell’s Kitchen recap! Make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details and if you missed last week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, check out my recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: Hell’s Kitchen 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Hell’s Kitchen season 17 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight off with Elise and Robyn arguing back and forth after last dinner service. They are yelling back and forth and repeating their arguments, it’s not really going anywhere. The next morning, the chefs are up and getting ready for the next challenge. When they are called downstairs, Josh immediately runs to the back of the kitchen and throws up. He blames the vitamins and the chimichanga he ate for breakfast.

They are doing a quick challenge that can give their team a major advantage in today’s challenge. Chef Ramsay has a young cup stacker come in to show them how quickly he can stack cups. Chef Ramsay has one chef from each team stack cups for an advantage in tonight’s seafood tier challenge. The woman’s team wins and they get a head start in tonight’s challenge.

The woman start and are able to get their lobster tier done, but they forgot the garnish so they have to run back to get the seaweed garnish. They get back and finish the first tier before the men, but they aren’t too far behind. The second tier is oysters and the women lose the lead to the men during this tier.

The third tier is crab legs and the men get it done first, the women are right behind them. The final tier is sea urchin and clams and the women are catching up. Problem is, the men get to Chef Ramsay with their first, they need something to be wrong with it in order to win this challenge. They really can’t afford to lose this challenge. There is nothing wrong with the men’s fourth tier and they win tonight’s challenge.

They will be have dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club and then going to the beach with some special guests, but they won’t know who until they get there. The woman have to start unloading the truck in the back and while everyone is moving boxes, Barbie is barking orders. The men get to the restaurant to eat and Jocky joins them. After they are done eating, they head to the beach to play soccer with two USA woman’s team players.

The woman are given this special meal from Chef Ramsay and it looks like it’s soup made of fish guts and Elise refuses to eat it. When Chef Christina comes back out to ask if they are done, they tell her they are. She then asks if everyone had some and they all say yes, but she knows Elise is lying. She tells the women to line up, she is going to smell their breath and she tells them that if any of them are lying, it’s going to be a problem.

Elise is appalled that she is going to smell their breath, I think she is more worried about being caught in a lie. Christina makes her take a bite of it in front of her when she didn’t smell it on her. She told her everyone else needed to eat it, so does she. It’s called being a team player, but Elise doesn’t really know anything about that. While prepping the kitchen, Robyn realizes that the scallops are all cut wrong and that has the women ready to throw Barbie under the bus if they fail in dinner service tonight.

It is time for dinner service! There is a fresh seafood app being served table side by Michelle and Giovanni. Dinner service for the men’s team is starting off pretty well and the women are starting off pretty good too. Ashley realizes that Barbie is being more vocal than everyone else and she steps back, takes a sip of water and Chef Ramsay calls her out. Ashley checks her watch and Chef Ramsay asks her if she is late for a nail appointment and kicks her out of the kitchen temporarily.

The men are starting to implode, mostly because Milly is impatient, even though he was walking food quite slowly. The woman are having a hard time with the garnishes for their proteins. The meats are done, but Manda doesn’t have to garnish done so the meat is getting cold. The men’s side is having a pretty good night with nothing coming back, but the woman are having some communication issues. Chef is giving them their last chance to get their acts together.

The woman rebound on the refire, but their next ticket doesn’t go so well. They overcook the lobster wellingtons and Chef Ramsay calls the men in to finish their tickets and kick the woman out for the second week in a row. Things get heated between Barbie and Robyn when Robyn was trying to get an apology out of Barbie for cutting her down during service. Barbie says “I apologize….that you can’t cook fish.” That sets Robyn off.

They are asked for their nominees. Robyn was the first for not being able to handle fish and Barbie for the constant arguing. Chef Ramsay asks if anyone else got votes and Manda and Ashley also mention that they had votes. He calls all four of them up and asks them each why they should stay. After they all tells him why they should stay, he makes his decision. He decides that Ashley needed to go home because she was disconnected and lost all service.

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