Will & Grace 2017 Recap: Episode 3 – Emergency Contact

Tonight on Will & Grace season 9, Grace goes for a routine check up at her OB-GYN and finds herself needing to have a biopsy done. She is surprised to find out who was listed as her emergency contact. Keep reading my Will & Grace 2017 recap to get all the details! If you missed last week’s episode of Will & Grace, check out my full recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: Will & Grace 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Will & Grace season 9 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s show off with Jack telling Will about a job that he is trying to get for a commercial. He is convinced that he got it even though his agent was told it was between him and three other people. Grace comes out telling them that she has to go to the OB-GYN and they both make faces. She says “what’s with the faces, you both came out of vaginas” and Jack tells her, “not me, I’m a platinum star gay.” Will explains that platinum star gays have never been with a woman and were born via cesarean.

Grace wakes up in a hospital bed and finds out that she had to have a biopsy done on her left breast and that there is a small chance she has cancer. Because she was knocked out for the procedure, she needed a ride home so they called her emergency contact. She thinks it’s Will, but Leo walks in. She realizes that she left Karen in charge of changing that information and she clearly never did.

Jack is doing some temporary work at a Boys & Girls club and just before blowing it off, Jack finds out that he didn’t get the acting job. He decides to teach the kids after all. He isn’t doing very well at the start of the class. Karen shows up and is talking to a young girls sitting on the bleachers.

Leo brings Grace home and they are going back and forth taking jabs at each other and when she gets to her door, she tells Leo that he can go now. She explains that the good thing about being single is that you learn to deal with crisis on your own. She opens the door and falls apart talking to Will about what happened. Leo is still in the hallway and then goes to the door and mentions how Will should have been her emergency contact even when they were married. She doesn’t like the snooty remark. He tells her that their marriage ended because of her weird relationship with Will.

Karen is still talking to the young girl and she asks her why her friend had to go to the lady doctor. She mentions how she needs to see one but she doesn’t know where to go. Karen tells her to ask her mom, but the girl tells her that she lives with her father and brothers. Karen then asks why she needs to see one at such a young age, the girl tells her to mind her business and smirks at her. Karen realizes it’s because the girl has started getting her period.

Jack is teaching these kids about acting and having them do Broadway style performances. The boy who is supposed to be singing, isn’t. He is scared and doesn’t think he can do it. Jack gives him a pep talk and tells him that everyone goes through this at some point in their careers. When Jack goes to start playing the piano again, the boy starts singing and he is amazing!

Will is trying to find things to distract Grace while they wait for her test results. She is eating ice cream out of the container and he assumes she already heard and it’s bad. She tells him that she is fine, the results were negative. She is racking her brain over why her marriage to Leo ended. Will tries to convince her that happy marriages don’t end in divorce and she tried everything. She doesn’t need to go explain herself to him, but she goes anyways.

Karen is talking to the young girl after telling her what she needs to know about her period. Karen asks her if she has anyone to talk to about this, but she tells her no. Karen then gives her a motivational speech about how things are going to be just fine for her. The girl says “you’re not really mean, are you?” Karen acts appalled and tells the girl to come stand up in front of her, she does and Karen smiles at her, boops her nose and tells her to mind her business.

We end the episode off with Grace going to talk to Leo. She is there trying to convince him that they didn’t get divorced because her and Will are too co-dependent on each other. After talking, Grace realizes that their marriage ended because of her inability to forgive him after he cheated on her. She gets a little sad and tells him that she is going to leave now. He then plays a trick on her and tells her that she took his heart. He was talking about the heart from a model on his desk that she knocked over. He slipped it into her bag so that she had to come back and give it to him. She knows he set her up, but they kiss and she leaves.

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