Grey’s Anatomy 2017 Recap: Episode 4 – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 we will watch as Amelia gets ready to have the tumor in her brain removed. Meanwhile, Webber and Bailey continue to search for the “Stars of tomorrow” on Grey’s Anatomy 2017. If you missed last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 14, you can get caught up here with my full recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Grey’s Anatomy 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Grey’s Anatomy season 14 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 14 off with Amelia shaving her head for her surgery. When everyone is standing in the room with her she starts telling everyone what she needs from them if she dies. April has been named her power of attorney in case she needs to be unplugged, Meredith has been put in charge of calling her mom if she doesn’t make it and then she goes into surgery.

During her surgery, Tom, her doctor. clips a vessel and when she wakes up, she can’t talk. We can hear her saying in her head “am I gorked? Oh crap.” The next morning, Amelia squeezes Meredith’s hand and then starts trying to breathe despite her still having a tube down her throat. They take the tube out.

Catherine and Jackson have come back from Harper Avery’s funeral and Meredith asks Jackson if she could take his name off Megan’s case so that she can try and have it published, she thinks it could win a Harper Avery Award, but it won’t with his name on it. She goes in to check on Megan and she has a slight fever and her white levels are elevated, she has an infection that requires IV antibiotics and she isn’t happy about it. She wants to go back to her kid.

Amelia has a “No Opiod Pain Killer” note in her chart because she is a recovering addict, but Webber is asking her if she wants to reconsider. He explains that NA doesn’t frown upon pain killers for medical reasons as long as she keeps working the steps. She is still not able to talk, but her look tells him that she doesn’t want them.

Later, everyone is having coffee and taking a break when they get a text from DeLuca. Amelia is talking, but not in English. She is speaking in French. Luckily Maggie knows how to speak French and she is able to translate. Later on while Meredith is sitting in Amelia’s room, Owen comes in to check on her. Amelia tells them to keep it down, in English. Meredith mentions they should call Tom to give him an update and Amelia tells them that he is a blowhard and things seem normal, until Amelia tells Meredith that she should call Derek.

Throughout the course of the show, Riggs has been calling Meredith. When Megan asked her if she had heard from him yet, she told her no. She finally answers his calls and she finds out that he went to Baghdad to try and convince doctors there that he needed to go to Seattle for a clinical trial. Grey is mad that he didn’t tell her where he was going and he tells her that she was the one that suggested he made a big move.

Meanwhile, Webber, Catherine and Jackson were planning a family dinner so that Catherine could talk to Jackson about his inheritance from his grandfather. Webber invited Maggie over too and Catherine is a little upset that he didn’t call first because she was planning on touching base on a subject that shouldn’t be discussed in front of others. They are screaming in the kitchen while Jackson and Maggie have some wine and they can hear some of the yelling in the other room, including the part where Jackson inherited $250 million! Dinner ends up being kind of awkward, to say the least.

Jo’s name is supposed to go on the paper that Meredith is writing about Megan’s surgery, but when she is asked for a photo, she tells Mere that she has to take her off the paper. That way her husband doesn’t find her. Warren hears Jo ask for her name to be taken off the paper and doesn’t understand why she would do that. She tells him why and he obviously doesn’t believe her, but she confirms that what she said isn’t a lie. She then tells him that he should tell her a secret about himself so she isn’t the only one feeling exposed. He tells her that he is training for something and if his wife finds out, she is not going to be happy. (There is a spin-off coming and he has been casted to it, this is the beginning of that storyline)

Meanwhile, Meredith gets a text from Riggs who is back in Seattle, but needs her at the airport. He has Megan’s son, who she was going to go see against medical advice to go see because he was in the hospital. Riggs brings him to the hospital to see his mom and Riggs ade the big move. Mere is trying to be happy for them, but you can tell she knows that Riggs and her are over forever.

Amelia has been freaking out since her surgery, waiting for something to go wrong. She has been ordering unnecessary scans and DeLuca realizes that it’s because the tumor isn’t there anymore. DeLuca gives her a pep talk and explains this to her and she hugs him. Owen is trying to get Amelia to move back home, but she tells him that she wants to go home and have her sisters take care of her. He tells her that she is his wife, in sickness and in health and asks her again to come home.

We end the episode off with Arizona getting a text from Sofia, she wants to move back home. Mere is talking to Megan about Riggs and Megan tells her that Riggs is in love with her, she sees it in his eyes. Meredith tells her that he moved heaven and earth for her. That’s not the kind of man you throw away.

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