Chicago Fire Season 6 Recap: Episode 3 – An Even Bigger Surprise

Tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 we will watch as Mouch tries to plan a surprise for Cruz’s birthday. The surprise is almost ruined when the other members of the house can’t keep the secret. Also, Casey finds himself in trouble with a temporary Chief filling in for Boden. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire 2017. If you missed last week’s episode, you can find my recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago Fire 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Chicago Fire season 6 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with Severide showering before shift, but he has someone in the shower with him. Hope and Severide have apparently been spending time together. Kidd is shocked to see her there when she is getting ready to leave too. When everyone gets to the fire house, they find that Chief Mullins will be taking half of Boden’s shift this morning.

Meanwhile, Gabby and Brett get a call for a girl who was hit by a car while riding her bike. The man who hit her says that he didn’t see her and he sticks around to wait to see if the girl is okay. While he is waiting, he has a heart attack and collapses. When Gabby gets him back, they are told that the second ambulance the requested is still 10 minutes out. They decide that they both need to get to Med and fast so they take them both in 61. They get back from dropping them off at Med and Mullins rips them a new one for breaking protocol.

Everyone at 51 is cleaning out the side compartments of the rig when Mouch starts whistling and humming and everyone is wondering why he is so happy to be cleaning the rig. He tells them that he flew Leon in for Cruz’s birthday. Otis is worried because he was moved to Florida because Chicago wasn’t safe for him. Mouch tells them that he had Trudy check things out with the gang unit and everything had blown over from back then.

Later when one of the guys from another house comes by to drop off something their house borrowed, he tells Cruz that Leon looks great. Cruz is confused because he doesn’t think that Leon is in town. Casey goes to apologize to Mullins for stepping on his toes a couple times during their shift. After apologizing, Chief Mullins tells him that he saw two cigar butts on the ground outside their door and he can’t understand who would disrespect their home like that. Casey can’t believe that was his response to his apology and a call comes through for a jumper.

They get to the scene and the guy is standing on the roof of a building with someone from the police department trying to talk him down. Casey and Herrmann head up there to help out. The only plan that Casey can come up with, because this man has clearly made up his mind about jumping, is to try and force him down. Herrmann drops a rope down to one of the guys who is a floor under them and they take the rope, which is connected to Herrmann’s caribiner, and attach Casey’s to the other end. Looks like they are going to quickly pull the rope and use it to catch the jumper and pull him back onto the roof. It works.

Casey is told by the officer who was on the roof that he did a great job, but Mullins doesn’t seem too happy about it. They get back to the house and Boden is there. Hope comes by the firehouse to thank Brett for having her. Meanwhile, Leon showed up at the firehouse, but they are having a hard time hiding him from Cruz. Connie comes in and the Chief has everyone meet him in the bullpen.

We find out the real reason why Hope is at the firehouse, she is one of the newest members of the family. She will be working side by side with Connie. Brett is shocked, but not as shocked as Severide who was convinced she was leaving the next day. I think this situation is going to get a little crazy for him.

Hope tells Brett that she decided to apply and stay in Chicago after having the most amazing few weeks. She also hopes that Brett is proud of her for getting the job and she tells her that she is, but you can tell she thinks something is up. Meanwhile, Kidd is busting Severide’s balls about Hope staying and him being screwed and not in the fun way.

Connie goes in to talk to Casey and she tells him that she needs all of his recent incident reports. He tells her that he doesn’t hand those in until the end of the month. She tells him that Mullin’s office requested them and his personnel files. Meanwhile, the jumper’s sister, Rachel comes in to thank them for saving her brother. She tells Casey that if it wasn’t for them, she would be planning a funeral instead of a course of treatment.

Meanwhile, Cruz knows something is going on and he wants to go see the gang that was after Leon to see if things have blown over. Otis was asked to go with him and he is freaking out. Boden calls Casey and Gabby into his office and Mullins is there with a look on his face that you just want to push through a wall. Boden asks Casey if there is anything about a jumper call while he was out that Casey would like to tell him about.

Casey tells Boden that it was a complicated situation and he did what needed to be done to save that mans life. Mullins then starts off with what sounds like he is going to rip him a new one, but he actually tells Casey that what he did was nothing he has ever seen before. He also tells him that because of what he did, he recommended him for a meritorious promotion. Lieutenant Casey is now Captain Casey!

Connie tells Hope to not make the firehouse Melrose Place and that leads her to tell Severide that she wants to leave what happened in the past between them. Otis tells Cruz that he can’t go to gang corners with him because he has to work at Molly’s tonight. They get Cruz to Molly’s and needless to say, he was surprised and when Mouch tries to get Leon to come out, he doesn’t. That’s because Cruz knew he was there. He thanks Mouch for flying Leon in and tells him it means a lot to him and Mouch tells him it was the least he could do for Cruz after he took care of him after his heart attack.

We end the episode off with Connie going up to Brett and telling her she just got a call from her and Hope’s hometown. Asks Brett if she knew that Hope stole $10,000 from her last employer. This isn’t going to go over well!

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