Survivor 2017 Recap: Season 35 Episode 3 – My Kisses are Very Private

Tonight on Survivor season 35 we will watch as one castaway’s crush for another causes them to spill the beans on some pretty big news. Also, one castaways lack of social game, might put threaten their game. Keep refreshing this page and reading my Survivor 2017 recap right here to get all the details! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor, you can find my full recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with everyone on the Hustlers going through Simone’s clothes and trying them all on. Ali and Lauren are taking a walk and Ryan and Patrick are talking about who their next target should be. They both think that Lauren should be their next target. Ali, Devon and Lauren are talking about how Patrick’s comments at the Tribal Council rubbed everyone the wrong way.

On the Hero tribe, Chrissy and Ben are talking about how they need to pick who their next target should be and they are having a hard time with it. Everyone on their tribe can contribute in one way or another, but Alan is a hothead. Meanwhile, Ashley is starting to notice JP a little more, but she is worried that if she talks to him Alan will assume there is something going on with them. Now Ashley is trying to align with Ben, but he is worried that she is still working with JP.

Meanwhile the Healers are planning on getting Mike out because Joe has everyone convinced that Mike is the one with the idol. Even though we all know it’s Joe with the idol and so does Cole. Joe is worried that Cole is going to tell Jessica about the idol. They are getting closer and closer. He actually tells Jessica that she is safe, without a doubt and he tells her that he knows Mike doesn’t have the idol, Joe does.

Patrick is looking for the idol and everyone on his tribe is noticing that because he really isn’t trying to hide it. Ali pulls him aside and tells him that if he is going to look for an idol, he should do it without putting on a show for everyone because it’s showing them that he is paranoid.

Joe is rubbing the healers the wrong way with his attitude. He is complaining about how the food is cooked and stuff and it’s annoying people. Cole comes up with this plan to blindside Joe. Cole goes and tells everyone that Joe is the one with the idol and Jessica isn’t happy about him running his mouth so early because it leaves too much time for Joe to figure out they all know.

It is immunity challenge time! They will have to race through some obstacles and then use sandbags to knock down 20 blocks. They then have to stack those blocks 20 high. The first tribe to do it wins immunity and four chickens, the second tribe to do it wins a dozen eggs and immunity and the last team will go to tribal council.

The Healers and Heroes are the first to knock all their blocks off, meanwhile, Patrick is still throwing sandbags at blocks. He won’t give anyone else a try to knock them over so you know if they lose, he will be the target for not allowing someone else a chance who was rested. The Healers think they have it, but they missed one of the blocks which allows the Hustlers time to catch up. The Heroes are the first to get their blocks stacked and the Healers have to put that last block up. They manage to get it done and Hustlers will head to Tribal Council again.

The Hustlers are not happy that Patrick refused to give someone else a shot at throwing the sandbags. Lauren played softball for years and could have easily knocked them off, but he just kept throwing regardless of his team asking him to switch out. Patrick is going to apologize to everyone and Lauren isn’t happy at all. The rest of the team tell Patrick not to worry about it and that they all want Lauren out, but she thinks that Patrick will be going home.

Ali then goes to Lauren and tells her that if Patrick had half a brain, he would know that he was the one who cost them the challenge. The rest of them as still talking about Lauren going home tonight, but Devon thinks that Pat should go because he did cost them the win this week.

It is time for Tribal Council. Who will be going home? Lauren is playing the fact that Patrick isn’t a team player, but everyone else is talking about how there isn’t chemistry within the group. After some more chatter, it’s time to vote on who they want out of the tribe! The votes have been tallied and they are: Patrick, Lauren, Patrick, Patrick and with three votes, Patrick has been voted out of Survivor!

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