Law & Order: SVU 2017 Recap: Season 19 Episode 3 – Contrapasso

Tonight on Law & Order: SVU season 19, a man is found castrated and left for dead and the suspects are three women, but the team is left wonder if these women are victims or perpetrators. Also, Benson gets some bad news from Langan on Law & Order: SVU 2017. Keep reading my Law & Order: SVU recap to get all the details and if you missed last week’s episode, you can find that recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order: SVU 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 19 do NOT read ahead!

Fin and Carisi get a call from a hotel about screaming and they find a bloody spot on the bed and the responding officer found a pair of testicles on the bed, but put them in the ice bucket before they got there. They find a bloody steak knife in the bathroom sink, but there is no one in the room. They follow a trail of blood and find a man laying in the stairwell of the hotel.

The victim’s name is Jason Carr, he is at the hospital and seems to be recovering, but he will need to have prosthetic implants and hormone replacement. The room that Carr was castrated in was registered to a credit card for a woman, Julie Wade, who was surprised that her card was used because she was home all night. When she goes to her wallet to get the card, she can’t find it. She tells them the last time she used it was in Costco on Monday. She must have left it there and when Fin asks if she knows Jason Carr, she tells them no.

Carisi is going through the video surveillance footage from the hotel and Julie Wade is on the footage. She is brought in, but when she was told that she wasn’t under arrest, she left. There is a lead that they might have been at a bar near the hotel and when Fin and Carisi go to talk to the hostess at the bar. The woman who called 9-1-1, Nora was there with Julie and a woman named Eve.

There really isn’t a clear story about how they all know each other, but they all know each other and know Jason Carr from somewhere too. After doing some digging, the team finds out that they are all around the same age and from the same area. When they look up what high school they went to, they find that all three woman went to the same school and were all part of a club together. The faculty adviser for that club was Jason Carr.

When they go to see him and ask him about Julie, Nora and Eve, he claims that he doesn’t recognize them. His wife, who doesn’t look like she is much older than the woman who assaulted him, is sitting there. Benson got a call about her case and found out that she had been cleared of any wrong doing. Now Langan is in her office telling her that Ellie PorterNoah’s birth mom, lied about not having any living family members. Her mother is still alive and is petitioning to vacate Noah’s adoption. She is mad that Langan didn’t find anything when she had him run Ellie. He tells her that there is no grounds for them to vacate the adoption, she doesn’t want to hear it and asks him to leave.

Meanwhile, Barba told the team that he can’t prosecute the women for the castration if Jason doesn’t want to press charges. Carisi has an idea that he collars all of them for obstruction and put them in the same holding cell. They will most likely talk to each other about what happened or decide that they want to talk to them. It works and Nora and Julie are already asking to talk to Carisi.

We find out that Jason took advantage of Julie, Eve and Nora in high school and they just wanted to meet him and confront him. To get some closure. That’s not what happened though and when they tried to confront him, he told them that they seduced him. Eve tells Carisi that she was the one who orchestrated the whole attack. Julie and Nora had no idea what she planned to do.

Carisi tells Benson that if the statute of limitations wasn’t up they would be charging him too. She tells him that he’s right and tells him to have Eve come in with her lawyer so they can work out a deal. Eve tells Benson that she knows what she did was wrong and Benson tells her that they can’t charge him because of the statute of limitations on statutory rape is up. Eve then says “but you are still going to charge me.” Benson tells her that she didn’t just punch him in the face and break his nose, she disfigured him. She brought a knife with her and she told Benson she brought the knife for protection.

Benson asks her from what? She tells her that Jason could get violent and that when she went to his house to break it off with him after hearing he was seeing a senior at her school, he pulled a corkscrew out, held it to her face and forced her to have sex with him. Benson has Carisi and Rollins bring Jason in for rape.

During the trial, Eve took out a conk shell and asked Jason if he remembered it and told him that she kept it as a reminder of what they had. She then smashed it on the witness stand cutting her hand. They took a brief recess to get her hand looked at and back at the station, Jason’s wife comes in. She hands them an old literary journal from her husband’s teaching days and shows them a poem on page five. When Rollins asks why she is showing them that, knowing it is damaging to her husband’s case, she pulls out a shell a lot like the one Eve had in court earlier that day.

When he is put on the stand, Jason shows remorse for having a relationship with a student. When it’s Barba’s turn to cross examine Jason, he brings the poem to the courts attention. It was written by Eve back when she claims he raped her with a corkscrew in his hand. It was about the rape and mentions the corkscrew specifically. The jury then hears closing arguments where Jason’s lawyer claims he paid for what he did to Eve enough. Barba goes off the rails and proves that her closing argument is asinine. The Jury also agrees and found Jason guilty of rape.

We end the episode off with Benson is reading a book to Noah before bed when there is a knock at the door. It’s Ellie’s mother, Noah’s grandmother.

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