Chicago PD 2017 Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 – Promise

Tonight on Chicago PD season 5, the team finds themselves working a case with no evidence and the only witness is a 5 year old little boy who is afraid to talk about what he saw. Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Chicago PD 2017 right here with my Chicago PD recap! If you missed last week’s episode, you can find my recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago PD 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Chicago PD season 5 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with Antonio hanging out with his daughter talking about college essays and stuff when he gets a call about a homicide. He brings her with him and tells her to stay in the car. When he gets to the crime scene there is a dead latina woman. His daughter sees this and asks him if he is going to find who did this? Mentions how she heard them say that she was trash and he tells her that they said the case was trash. His daughter is upset that they aren’t going to work the case, Antonio tells the responding officer that they will take it.

The victim appears to have been gutted, like she was a drug mule and the cartel took what they needed from her and got rid of her. She is in her thirties, but they don’t know anything else about her yet. Olinsky goes to talk to someone he knows to see if he heard anything and they get a lead about a bus carrying mules.

Burgess, Voight, Olinsky and Antonio go to check out the bus drop off and they see a girl get off who doesn’t seem right. She gets into a pickup truck and they move in and get her in an ambulance. Ruzek and Atwater run after the guy who was driving the truck, but took off. They catch him and bring him in and before they bring the girl to the hospital Burgess asks her some questions. She tells her that she isn’t a drug mule, she is too old, but she recognizes her.

They find out that the victim had vaginal tearing consistent with rape. They are told by the guy who was driving the truck that if she was a mule and they needed to get the drugs out of her, they would cut up the stomach, not across. They get a lead about bloody clothes found in a dumpster and in the jeans they find a fake ID, but hope that the address is at least correct. They luck out and go to check out where she lived. While looking around the room she rented a bed in, they find a five year old boy hiding in the closet. The landlady tells them that’s the victim’s son.

The victim’s name is Gloria and her son’s name is Oscar. He was told not to talk to the police by everyone that he knows because they are all illegal and don’t want to be deported. They found that the blood on the clothes they found matched Gloria’s, but the blood on the clothes in the apartment was from animals. That leads them to a meat packing plant that is known for being fined for many violations. They go in and ask everyone there if they know Gloria. One of the woman seems to know something, but she won’t talk.

After talking to the owner, who is a world class loser, the same woman gives Burgess a look and Burgess followers her into the locker room. She tells her that Gloria is her sister and wants to know what happened to her. Burgess tells her that her sister was murdered and she instantly asks about her nephew. She agrees to come in and talk to her. She tells Burgess and Antonio that she told Gloria not to go out with him. When they ask her “who?” she points fingers at the owner of the meat packing plant’s son. Michael. 

They go and arrest him and bring him in for questioning. He tells them that he didn’t hurt Gloria and then insists that he waits for his lawyer before he says anything. Antonio and Burgess are told to go back to the plant, but Antonio gets a call that they have a problem. ICE just went into the plant and took in all the undocumented workers based on a tip. I bet it was Michael’s father to cover his ass. One of those undocumented workers was Lucia, Gloria’s sister.

As soon as the ICE van leaves, the owner comes pulls in and Antonio accuses him of calling the feds and he admits to it. Claims it was “self reporting” but Antonio tells him it was more like “witness tampering.” Antonio goes back to Voight and tells him that Lucia and about 20 others were picked up by ICE. He tells Voight that she was the only one that could help their case. Voight tells him he will do what he can.

Voight comes back a little later and tells them that Lucia is on a plane going back to Guatemala and explains that she had to be deported because she was already deported three years ago and came back. Meanwhile, Oscar is freaked out about getting into the van for DCFS and when Antonio asks him what’s wrong, he tells Antonio that his mom got into a van like that and never came back. They get a description of the van and find that it’s a delivery van for the meat packing plant.

Burgess and Antonio go to the plant and ask the owner about one of his drivers who was described as heavy set, latino and bald. He tells him that a man named Frank Lopez matches that description, but he’s out with his van. They get a plant for it and Atwater and Ruzek go track it down. They find it, but there is bad news, it’s on fire and blows up on the side of the highway. They find Frank at his house and arrest him, but he is playing stupid claiming his work van was stolen.

Voight finds out that Frank was a person of interest in another murder of an illegal alien in Tuscon. During the conversation with Frank, it is clear that he is a bigot and thinks that illegal aliens are ruining the lives of hard working people like him. When Antonio brings up that he was born in Mexico and he is talking like this about his people, Frank freaks out. Talking about how he came here as a baby and did it the right way and he is an American citizen.

Voight has Halstead and Upton looking into women who were killed the same way as Gloria. They find a few of them and start asking questions and find another woman who’s niece was killed the same way. While talking to her, she tells them things that match Gloria’s case and that her niece mentioned a man who always wanted to give her a ride home from her job at the meat packing plant. He wore a necklace that said “Paz”, Frank had that necklace on. Her nephew Chico tells them his aunt is done talking. Burgess tells him that they just want to find who did this to his sister and he tells her “me too.”

Unfortunately, with the aunt being illegal, she won’t come forward so the only chance they have is if Oscar can make a positive ID of Frank. Antonio looks like he wants to coach Oscar and tell him what number Frank will be in the lineup, but he doesn’t. Oscar goes in and points at number one, but Frank is number three. Voight is pissed that the lineup went that way and Antonio asks if he is just going to let Frank win.

Voight goes to see Chico, he tells him that he might have some information on who did that to his sister and asks if they can talk. The next day, Antonio goes to see the aunt and gives her a necklace that they had been holding in evidence that belonged to her niece and she asks why Voight didn’t just bring it. Antonio knows that Voight tipped off Chico and heads to Frank’s house and asks Burgess to meet him there. When he gets there he finds Frank dead on a table with a slice in his gut like Gloria and the others had. There was a message written in Spanish on the wall in Frank’s blood.

Antonio goes to see Voight in his office and he looks pissed that Voight would condone that, but doesn’t say anything to him. Voight tells him that he wanted this to happen, but didn’t have the guts to say it. Antonio goes home to his daughter and tells her that they found the man that killed the latina woman, she is proud of him for that and then she asks him if she can read her college essay to him.

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