This Is Us Season 2 Preview: Episode 3 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on This Is Us season 2 we watched as each of the Big Three had something life changing happen to them. First, Kevin was asked to go back for a special reunion of MannyKate lands a gig singing and Randall and Beth decide that instead of adopting a baby, they were going to foster troubled teens.

Late in the summer it was announced that Sylvester Stallone would be guest staring in This Is Us 2017 and tonight is the night we see Stallone on This Is Us 2017! Stallone, playing himself, is an actor in the movie that Kevin landed a roll in. Also on tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 2, Kate gets to meet Stallone when she goes to see Kevin on set.

Randall and Beth get some exciting news, that later turns into a bit of a challenge on This Is Us 2017 when their first foster child comes through their doors. They have a troubled teens girl come in who has obvious signs of abuse when Randall sees her and Beth arguing over something and he comes into the room. She cowers when he comes in and asks what’s going on. How will they make this work?

Come back tonight to find out what happens on This Is Us 2017, but in the meantime, check out this sneak peek and let me know what you think! Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below or on social media about any of the articles you see here on Headlining Hollywood!

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