This Is Us 2017 Recap: Episode 3 – Deja Vu

Tonight on This Is Us season 2 we will see as Beth and Randall take in their first foster child, Kevin starts filming is big movie roll and Kate gets to meet Sylvester Stallone while visiting Kevin on set! Keep reading my This Is Us 2017 recap right here for all the details of tonight’s episode and make sure you check out my recap for last week’s episode here if you need to catch up!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

Tonight’s episode of This Is Us starts off with Jack at an AA Meeting talking about how he promised his wife that this time they would talk more. He also opens up to them saying that he is finding that harder to do. Then get a look at him after the meeting working through the steps at the kitchen table when Rebecca comes down to see if he is coming to bed. Meanwhile, Randall is writing letters to people who responded to an ad he put out looking for his birth parents.

We then get a look at a young girl, no more than 12 years old and her mother is being arrested. Randall and Beth are talking about how they had been approved two weeks ago and they still haven’t gotten a call for a placement. All of a sudden, their phone rings and Beth answers it. She hangs up and tells Randall that her name is Deja and she is on her way. She also tells him that they will get a full case file in a couple days, but she does know that Deja’s mother was arrested and that’s why she needs placement.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Kate are on set of Kevin’s new movie when Sylvester Stallone comes out while Kevin is in the middle of a horrible impression of Rocky. He comes over to introduce himself, like he needs an introduction, and when he walks away, Kate says that she wishes their dad was there. He was a huge Sylvester Stallone fan and Kevin gets snippy and says “well he can’t.”

Back in the past, Jack is leaving for work and the kids are leaving for school. On their way to school, Randall tells them that he has to run an errand and he will see them after school. They poke fun at his usage of the word “errand” and he tells them about the ad he put in the paper and tells them that someone wrote back. When he goes to meet her, she turns out being just some woman who needs money.

Back on set, Kate and Sylvester Stallone are talking about how her father was a huge fan and she and Kevin both know the Rocky movie by heart. He tells Kate that she should bring her father to the set and they could take pictures together and Kate tells him that their father died. Back in the flashback, Rebecca is talking to Miguel’s ex wife about her marital problems and she tells Rebecca that she should plan a big date night for them. She does and it turns out to be an amazing night for them both, after a couple of bumps in the road.

Back at the Randall and Beth’s house, Deja is about to arrive and Annie has painted her a picture. Deja doesn’t say anything when she gets into the house. After a few moments she tells them that she just wants to go to bed. Beth gets her a toothbrush and when she goes to the bathroom, Beth tries to help Deja out by unpacking some of her things for her. She comes across a pack of cigarettes and when Deja comes back into the room, she freaks out. She calls Beth a bitch and when Randall comes in to put some space between them, Deja flinches.

Kate and Stallone are talking before him and Kevin start filming and they are talking. When Kevin comes out, the directer comes out to tell them that they are ready for them. Stallone mentions to Kevin that they talked about a bunch of things including their dad. He tells him that the funny thing about time is that some things can trigger these memories and make you relive them. He ends the conversation that there is no such thing as a long time ago, just memories that mean something and some that don’t. He then tells Kevin “let’s do one for your father.” Kevin gets tripped up on his lines because of the conversation from before.

Later this turns into an argument with Kate and Kevin about how he didn’t need Sylvester Stallone bringing up his dad right before their set. He then tells her that he doesn’t need to be sad and damaged over their dad because she is. Later, after Kevin is done filming for the day, partially because he hurt his knee, he calls Kate to apologize. He ends the conversation with him telling her that it’s just hard for him to talk about their dad and she finished his sentence with “maybe someday.”

Randall is beating himself up over the argument with Deja and he can’t wrap his head around the way she flinched when he came into the room. He knows that is a sign of someone who has gone through abuse and he is clearly upset that someone as young as her knows that kind of pain. Later that night, Deja goes into the girls room to ask them who makes the rules in the house and they tell Deja that they both do, but their mom mostly. She then asks about what happens if they break the rules. They tells her that she will lose her iPad privileges and she thinks that the house is crazy because they have their own iPads. Annie tells Deja that if she is scared, she can sleep in the chair with them. She tells them that she isn’t scared, but then says “okay fine,” just because something in her room sucks.

We then get a look at their conversation the next day where Deja apologizes for calling Beth a bitch and then explains that the cigarettes aren’t hers. She tells them they are her moms and she wanted to have them for her when she comes to pick her up. When Beth goes to talk to her, Randall stops her. He looks at Deja and tells her that the first thing he thought of when he heard her name was “Deja Vu” because she reminds him a lot of himself.

He explains to her his story about being adopted and always wanting to know who his birth parents were. He tells her that regardless of him being adopted, he thinks that his life turned out pretty great and he tells her that it’s not just because of the materialistic things, it’s because of the big extended family he has. He then tells her that if he sees himself in her, that means she can have these things too.

He then cuts into the conversation about how her mom might not be coming back for a while. Deja tells him “no, this is how things happen” she goes away for a while and then comes back for her. Randall then explains that this time is more serious and she might be going to jail for a while. She gets upset and storms off after breaking the frames of the pictures Randall was showing her of his family. Beth goes to go after her, but Randall tells her “it’s okay,” and stops her from bothering her.

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