Lethal Weapon 2017 Recap: Episode 3 – Born To Run

Tonight on Lethal Weapon season 2 we will watch as Murtaugh asks Rianne for help in a case which involves the bodyguard of her favorite singer. Keep reading my Lethal Weapon 2017 recap to find out what happened tonight and if you missed last week’s episode you can catch up right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Lethal Weapon 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Lethal Weapon season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with a singer named Shaye leaving a show and after driving for a while, her bodyguard pulls over. He gets into the backseat with her and they start making out. As she was leaving, we see someone taking pictures of her and while her and her bodyguard are making out, we see the same person in a car watching them. The stalker then turns the car on and drives right at Shaye’s car while shooting at her and her bodyguard. The stalker crashes into the car sending it down an embankment.

Meanwhile, Palmer and Riggs are getting ready to go to the Murtaugh’s house for brunch. While they are eating, they get the call about the dead bodyguard. They go and talk to Shaye and find out that she has a boyfriend and they are in a rough patch, but she tells them that he doesn’t know about the bodyguard. They go to talk to the boyfriend who is a photographer and is working a wedding and by working we mean he is sleeping with the maid of honor.

Shaye walks in while they are talking to him and he is rushing to get his clothes back on. She isn’t happy because she knows he is sleeping with this girl, but she was sleeping with her bodyguard. She slaps him and calls him a cheater and then kicks him over the balcony and he lands on top of the wedding cake. That escalated quickly.

While talking to Rianne, he finds out that Shaye and her manager just got into a huge public fight recently. Meanwhile, Riggs, who is looking over Shaye, notices bruises on Shaye’s neck and she insinuates that her manager gave them to her. Murtaugh goes to talk to the manager about the fight they had and while talking to him, Riggs shows up and asks him why he gave his client those bruises on her neck. The manager asks if she told him that and then the manager says “no, she didn’t, she knows better than to do that” and Riggs punches him in the face.

Needless to day, Santos gives him an earful when he gets back to the office and tells him if he keeps jumping through windows, there won’t be a cake to land on. Santos gives him the rest of the day off and tells him to get a new act. After Riggs’ leaves, Santos’ new hire, Bowman, comes up and tells them that he hit a wall with the security video from the restaurant where the fight was. They have to go through the company lawyer in order to get the video. Trish is the company lawyer and when Murtaugh goes to try and get the video from her, she shuts him down because he doesn’t have a subpoena.

Bowman managed to get it from the hostess and when Murtaugh, Bowman and Bailey look at it, they find Shaye and the manager, but they also show this other guy at the bar. Shaye was apparently being held back by the manager because she was going after the other guy. Could be the stalker, he was wearing dark colored clothes like he was hiding in the shadows somewhere.

When they go to ask Shaye and her manager who this guy is, they both deny knowing him, but you can tell they are lying. In the video, they also notice that the man at the bar paid with a credit card. That’s when Trish walks in and is pretty upset that they got the video without a subpoena. Meanwhile, Riggs is having Palmer run the guy through facial recognition.

They find out that this guy is an ex-con named Bobby, when Riggs calls Shaye to find out who he is, she stalls. She finally tells them that he was her first boyfriend. He was in jail for vehicular manslaughter and when Riggs asks who he killed, she tells him that Bobby didn’t kill anyone, she did. That’s when Bobby shows up with a gun to her manager’s head and she is told to hang up the phone, but she dropped the phone when she saw the gun.

Riggs and Muratugh make it to Shaye’s house and Murtaugh’s phone rings, it’s Rianne and she is telling him that he needs to turn on the apps she put on his phone the other day. The app is Shaye’s live blog and it’s a live stream of her and Bobby in the car. She is driving, he has a gun to her and he is making her admit to the vehicular manslaughter charge that put him in jail. Bobby keeps putting his foot on the gas pedal and is trying to send her car over the edge of the cliff, but Riggs and Murtaugh manage to get to her before the car goes over.

The car is teetering over the edge of a cliff and the manager, Phil, is in the trunk and Riggs uses this as an opportunity to get him to admit to hurting Shaye. Meanwhile, the car is going to fall any second. Phil admits to hurting her and tells Riggs to tell her he is sorry, he is convinced he is going to die. Riggs then pulls Phil out of the trunk and tells him to tell her himself.

We end the episode off with Santos telling Murtaugh that his police work was dangerous, but the income was good. Riggs goes to see Shaye and she is upset that her career is over, but she is happy to be alive. Murtaugh and Trish have made up. Riggs calls Palmer and she tells him that she should have called him earlier because she is already half way to the airport, but she is actually standing outside the hotel. He can see her. She tells him that she realized something, she wants someone who she can watch crappy tv with and talk about their feelings and he just isn’t that guy. She then thanks him and when they hang up we see that Riggs had flowers for her.

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