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Tonight on The Gifted season 1, Cailtin has to help Eclispe find a serum to help Blink who is in a state of shock after using her powers to help them escape. Keep reading my The Gifted 2017 recap right here to find out what happened tonight! If you missed last week’s episode of The Gifted season 1, you can get all caught up with my recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Gifted 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
The Gifted season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with the Struckers bowling as a family, before everything and Lauren uses her abilities to knock over her last pin. Meanwhile, there is a little girl being laughed at and bullied while playing along side her father and the father is trying to get the other kids to stop. This stresses the young girl out and she screams, which also pushes some of the tables around inside the bowling alley. Reed goes up to the girl and her father telling them that they need to leave before things get worse than they are because damaging personal property with a mutant ability is a crime.

Back in present time, Blink is in shock and Lauren, Andy and Caitlin are yelling about having to go back for Reed, but Eclipse tells them that they can’t do that right now. We then get a look at Reed who is being taken to the hospital and then to a holding cell and is told that when the immobilization round wears off, they will be having a chat.

Polaris is put in a general population cell in the detention center and when she goes to use her powers to get herself out of her cell, she is shocked by the collar around her neck and the rest of the prisoners are laughing at her. Back at the Mutant Underground, Blink is having some side effects to over-exerting herself while they were escaping.

Her abilities are going a little haywire and they aren’t stable. She somehow opens a portal and a half of a truck comes through the portal. Moments later, the portal opens up again and the people on the other side can see them, but this time, Lauren is able to us her shield to close the portal.

Eclipse and Thunderbird are talking about having Caitlin treat Blink there in their hideout, but they need to go get the things she needs. They have to go to the hospital to do that, but Blink’s abilities are too unstable to leave her there alone with the chance that the portal will open up again and people will come through. Lauren is asked if she can close them again if Blink should open it up again. Caitlin isn’t happy about leaving her there, but Lauren tells her that she will stay behind and do it. Caitlin and Eclipse go to get the supplies they need to help Blink.

In order to get into the treatment center at the hospital, they have to have some kind of emergency, they use Eclipse’s gunshot wound. This allows them access to the meds that she needs to help Blink. Meanwhile, back at the Underground, they have a bit of a problem, there are cops on the other side of the portal the next time it opens and they are calling for backup. Thunderbird tells one of the others that if the portal opens again, they could be in real trouble. He tells them to be ready to evacuate if necessary.

Meanwhile, Reed is talking to the Sentinel Service agent and he finds out that this is a personal vendetta against mutants for him. His daughter was killed by one. Polaris is talking to a fellow inmate asking if there is any way to get the collar off because if she could get her collar off she could get them all out of there. The inmate tells her that there is no way, gets up to walk away and tells Polaris to stay away from her.

Back at the hospital, Caitlin is able to get into the medical cabinet and gets what she needs to help Blink. The officer that treated Eclipse is now talking to the cops though and they need to get out of there quick. They are able to get out. Meanwhile, back in the prison, Polaris is mouthing off to one of the other inmates and finds herself jumped by her friends. She then finds herself in solitary.

Back at the Underground, Blink opens another portal and this time, someone comes through it. Thunderbird is able to get the SWAT officer out, but then Blink gets knocked off the table she was laying on. When she landed on the floor, the portals multiplied and Thunderbird tells everyone to evacuate.

When Caitlin and Eclipse get back, the compound isn’t looking good at all. Caitlin goes in to try and help while Eclipse takes Andy and Lauren to safety. Caitlin gets in, but things are really hectic with the portals jumping around. She is able to get down to where Blink and Thunderbird are and she stabilizes Blink’s potassium levels, which stops her abilities from going haywire. She is stabilized.

When she wakes up, Thunderbird asks her why she kept opening the same portal, but she doesn’t know. She tells him she can’t remember. He tells her to rest up and they can talk about it later. She grabs his hand and tells him she is sorry for what happened. He tells her everything is going to be okay.

We end the episode off with Caitlin telling Andy and Lauren how proud of them she is. Andy asks her what is going to happen with their dad and she tells them that they are going to fight for their dad. Reed is talking to the agent and he tells him that he thinks the agent has over played his hand. Bringing his mother in and charging him with all these trumped up charges. He then tells him that they are going to make a deal. Reed tells him that his family is going to go free in exchange for any information he has on the Mutant Underground.

There is a look at a doctor or scientist asking someone else to look up anything he can find on mutant siblings. There was an incident in Rio and he then asks if the siblings from the gym incident had been found yet. He tells the scientist or doctor that Sentinel Services is still looking for them. The scientist/doctor then tells him to get the name of the lead agent on that case, he thinks they should have a chat.

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