Big Bang Theory 2017 Recap: Episode 3 – The Relaxation Integration

On tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory season 11, Amy records Sheldon while he’s sleeping and tries to convince him that he has a more laid back side. Also on The Big Bang Theory 2017, Raj and Stuart try to get the attention of one of Bernadette’s new co-workers! Keep reading my Big Bang Theory 2017 recap for all the details! If you missed last week’s episode, check out my recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Big Bang Theory 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
The Big Bang Theory season 11 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with Sheldon and Amy talking with the rest of the crew while playing cards and Sheldon mentions that he has sent out Save the Dates. The catch is, he has saved 80 dates because he is convinced that there is a perfect wedding date and he just needs time to figure it out.

While sleeping, Sheldon is dreaming and in this dream he is a fan of smooth jazz and not caring about what’s for breakfast. Amy hears him talking in his sleep and goes to Penny and Leonard with her concern. The next night, Amy records Sheldon while he is sleep talking and plays it for Leonard and Penny and Sheldon walks in. She plays it for him too and after denying that it was him, she explained that she recorded him while he was sleeping. That makes him angry, like she was spying on him while he was sleeping.

Bernadette tells Howard that she is going out with a co-worker after work and she also mentions that the co-worker is a female and single. He mentions that she should try to hook her up with Raj or Stuart, she mentions that she is trying to prove to her that she isn’t mean. While she is out with this co-worker, Raj and Stuart show up and join them while they are talking. Bernadette isn’t thrilled.

Later, Raj and Stuart are at the comicbook store and they are going back and forth about who should back off Bernadette’s co-worker. Leonard told them that they should maybe make sure that her co-worker even wants to hang out with them again. Meanwhile, Penny is trying to make Sheldon feel better about his mind keeping this alternate personality from him. She tells him that maybe he should try making small changes towards being that person and see how it goes.

Raj and Richie, Bernadette’s co-worker, are hanging out and Stuart was supposed to go, but Raj didn’t tell him about it. When Stuart shows up, Richie is happy that he came and he blows up Raj’s plan to be alone with her. She makes it very known that she isn’t looking to date anyone, just make some friends.

Sheldon comes home and he looks like was part of an explosion, but this turns into a long elaborate story about how he bought a pair of flipflops, dropped one down a sewer grate, went to grab it and was licked by something in the sewer grate. He then stepped in dog poop and I still don’t really understand how it wound up looking like his lab blew up. He then tells Amy that he wants her to be in charge of their wedding planning. She tells him that she has always wanted a June wedding, outside over looking the sunset. Sheldon isn’t thrilled about the outdoor wedding idea and makes a comment about jumping off the cliff as he was walking away.

We end the episode off with another one of Sheldon’s dreams and in this one, it looks like they are back to normal because he is doing a roll call of his multiple personalities and they are discussing whether “Laid Back Sheldon” should be allowed to stay. They unanimously vote him out.

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