Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars 2017 Recap: Episode 2 – Raising the Bar

Tonight we will watch as the 16 Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars compete for immunity and the chance to be featured on the Hell’s Kitchen bar menu for the season. After that the Hell’s Kitchen 2017 chefs will have their first dinner service of the season! Which also means we will see the first elimination of the season too! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 17!

SPOILER ALERT: Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Hell’s Kitchen season 17 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 17 off with Chef Ramsay explaining the bar challenge to the chefs and they are told that they will get immunity and their dish featured on the Hell’s Kitchen bar menu. They are told that they have 40 minutes for this challenge. They are also told to make two dishes because he has a special guest judge coming in to help him out.

It is time for the judging and he is bringing in the sous chefs, Christina and Jocky to come in and try their dishes. Both Christina and Jocky are poker faced through the tastings. Christina and Jocky will pick their top four and then Chef Ramsay will taste the dishes and pick a winner. Dana is the first from the red team with a lobster taco and she becomes the dish to beat. Jocky’s first pick is Milly’s seafood poutine, which is now the dish to beat.

Ashley from the red team is up next and then Jared with a seafood dumpling and they both make the top four. Elise’s lemon pepper wings are Christina’s next pick and she knocks Ashley’s dish out. Van’s steak tacos are next up and his tacos make it in and knocks Jared’s dumplings out. The final woman’s dish will be Michelle’s lobster shrimp and sausage roll and her dish is the fourth in Chef Ramsay’s top four. Nick’s crab fritters were the final dish, he doesn’t make it into the top four.

Out of the four dishes in front of him, Chef Ramsay has to choose from Van, Elise, Michelle and Milly’s dish and he chooses Milly’s poutine dish! He wins immunity and his dish will be on the bar menu tonight. They head back to the dorms for a bit and Ben isn’t looking good and he thinks it’s his diabetes and checks his blood sugar. They are called down to the kitchen to prep for service, but Ben still isn’t feeling too good so he goes to see the medic.

The medic tells Ben that his blood pressure is a little high, but everything else looks good. Ben doesn’t like that he feels this way before the first dinner service. The chefs are told that they will be having Chef’s Tables tonight and the red kitchen will be serving Jordin Sparks and the blue kitchen will be serving Joe Montegna!

They will also be doing table side shrimp and pasta apps served by Dana on the red team and Milly on the blue team. Ashley is having a meltdown on hot apps because she doesn’t know how to do carbonara. Josh is on cold apps and he is being really slow with it, but it’s working for Chef Ramsay. Ashley finally gets a hot app out of the red kitchen.

Now the heat is getting turned up because the Chef’s Tables have just walked in and it’s time for the entrees to start going out too. The women knock out their first entrees and on the men’s side, Ben not feeling well is showing because the salmon isn’t cooked all the way. He cooks up another one and before it is brought up, Ben starts to look a little wobbly on his feet and almost falls over in the kitchen! He does manage to cook a beautiful looking piece of salmon though.

The red team puts up a New York strip and it’s not cooked, he actually brings the women into the walk in to tell them. Nick is worried about his strips, he was eliminated because of the meat station. Elise is refiring the strips she messed up and when she serves the next one, it is over cooked. Chef Ramsay makes her go out to the dining room to apologize for their food not coming out yet. They all go back to refire them again, but Chef Ramsay stops them and calls Giovanni in to cook them for the red kitchen. Elise is taking control of her station and she keeps flipping them, Giovanni yells at her to stop before she gets them both in trouble.

Meanwhile, the proteins coming out of the blue kitchen are phenomenal and the red kitchen finally gets those strips out. Now they are having an issue with salmon and Manda messed it up and then messed up the refire by burning the skin. The red kitchen has been kicked out and sent back to the dorms. Chef Ramsay is forced to apologize to Jordin for the lack of food. The blue kitchen is closing in on the best opening night dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen history.

The women are talking about who should be going up and everyone thinks that Elise should be up, but Barbie is sticking up for her. Now they are talking about Manda messing up the salmon. They can’t make a decision on who to put up for nominations. They are now in front of Chef Ramsay and he asks for their nominations. They put Elise up because she screwed up the meat station so badly and couldn’t bounce back. Their second nomination is Manda because of her salmon dish and her little bit of struggling through the night.

Chef Ramsay decides that he is going to send Ben home, he sends Elise and Manda back in line and he tells Ben that he hasn’t taken his eyes off him since he came back into Hell’s Kitchen and he doesn’t think that he can go the distance! Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!

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