Will & Grace 2017 Recap: Episode 2 – Who’s Your Daddy?

Tonight’s episode of Will & Grace season 9 showed us what happens when Will and Jack try to date men almost half their age. Also, Grace and Karen end up telling each other how they really feel about each other while they are locked inside Karen’s new high tech shower. Keep reading my Will & Grace 2017 recap to get all the details of tonight’s episode!

SPOILER ALERT: Will & Grace 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Will & Grace season 9 do NOT read ahead!

On tonight’s episode of Will & Grace starts off with Jack storming into Will’s apartment and when Will asks him to pass something Jack goes off. He says “I knew you’d bring it up, you just couldn’t wait to throw it in my face.” Grace asks what he is talking about and Jack tell Will not to tell her. Will tells Jack that his secret is safe with him…….and Grace. He proceeds to tell her that Jack was hitting on a 20 something at the bar the night before and he turned to tell his friend “Daddies love me.”

Jack was appalled by this comment because he knew that it meant he looked old and we know how Jack is with his appearance. We then get a look at how Will’s night went and see that the 20 something he was talking to told him he looked like an anchorman. Will then jokes with Jack that he shouldn’t be made about the fact that Will looks like an anchorman while Jack looks like a meth-head mother of nine.

We then get a look at Karen programming her new high tech shower when one of her maids comes in telling her Rosario sent her to talk to Karen. The staff wants a raise and at first Karen wasn’t having it, but after thinking it over, she realized that even if she gave them a small raise, she would still be rich. She agreed to give them a raise.

Jack walks in to talk to Karen and the maid mentions how she was sad to hear what happened to him at the bar the night before. When she leaves Jack asks Karen how she knew about what happened, Karen tells him she told her. She then gives Jack some tips on how to look thinner and more attractive to younger men. She gives him a full compression suit and some magnets for the back of his neck make it look tighter.

Will has a date with his 20 something whose name is Blake and they seem to be having a hard time making a connection throughout the night. Jack knocks on the door looking for scissors to take the compression suit off with after looking like a fool at the bar. The suit was so tight he could sit down while wearing it. Will goes back in and him and Blake almost make their way to the bedroom but then Blake said something that really proved he was just too young for Will and Will decided to give him a history lesson instead.

Meanwhile, Grace goes to Karen’s to help her program her new shower, but it turns into Karen asking for a raise, but Grace laughs it off. Karen tells Grace to give her one good reason why she doesn’t deserve a raise and Grace tells her it’s because she doesn’t do anything. This turns into Karen and Grace getting into an argument while Grace is trying to fix her shower. The shower is voice activated and Karen starts saying phrases that are programmed in the shower’s control.

She manages to lock the shower doors, close the drain and turn on the shower. As the shower fill up, Grace starts having a panic attack and Karen remembers that the voice command to turn it off is her safe word, but she can’t remember what her safe word is. Grace tries things like “sobriety” and “Hilary Clinton” but neither work.

Jack is having an at home date with his 20 something year old, but he is worried that his date will think he looks old in the light. The only time they met he had a hat on and the lights were low. Jack put a ton of makeup on and managed to send his date running and screaming. Meanwhile Grace and Karen are still locked in the shower and it’s filling up fast and Grace is still panicking. Karen is able to get her mind off of it and Grace realizes just how important Karen really is.

Grace agrees to give Karen her raise and tells her that without Karen, she wouldn’t be where she is professionally. They tells each other they love each other and when Karen says “I love you too, Grace Adler”, the shower turns off. Grace realizes that Karen’s sexual buzzkill is Grace’s name and she is a little offended.

Back at the apartment, Jack and Will are talking about how they need to find men who are their own age, that they have things in common with, can complete each other’s thoughts and the whole time him and Jack are doing everything he is listing. They then start dancing to Madonna when Grace walks in soaking wet they stop for a moment and when she goes back to her room, they start dancing again.

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