Grey’s Anatomy 2017 Recap: Episode 3 – Go Big or Go Home

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy season 14, Amelia struggles to keep her secret under wraps and Harper Avery comes to visit the hospital. Not only is Bailey on edge, but she ends up in some hot water after trying to convince Mr. Avery not to pull funding from Grey Sloan. Keep reading my full Grey’s Anatomy 2017 recap to get all the details right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Grey’s Anatomy 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Grey’s Anatomy season 14 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Amelia looking through her scans and she is visibly upset about what she is looking at. DeLuca is asking Amelia if she should tell someone about her tumor, but she tells him she doesn’t need his advice, she needs him to keep his mouth shut and get her labs. Meanwhile, Bailey is freaking out because Mr. Avery, Jackson’s grandfather, is coming and Bailey calls all the department heads to greet him regardless of Jackson telling her he hates crowds.

Amelia calls in the head of neuro at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he looks at her scans and tells her he needs a test run on her and when she tries to show him the results from two days ago, he tells her he needs to see them today. She tells him that she has a consult in a half hour and she doesn’t have time, but he tells her that her chief of surgery shouldn’t have her doing consults with this tumor. He realizes that she hasn’t told her chief of surgery yet.

Amelia goes to tell Bailey, but she is about to sit with Mr. Avery so she tells her to go tell Webber and he will fill her in later. She does that and the doctor from Johns Hopkins tells Webber that he will be covering Amelia’s service until the tumor is removed and he clears her to go back to work. Meanwhile, DeLuca is trying to show Maggie the scans, but she isn’t catching onto his hints at all.

Meredith’s shrink comes in as a patient, he has a huge blood clot and he continues to try and get Meredith to talk to him about her current mental state. She tells him about Riggs and how she has been in a mood and she also tells him how her feelings towards Riggs have surpassed anger and are heading towards the urge to cause physical pain.

Bailey, Jackson, Harper and Catherine are all talking about the money they hospital has spent on various things and they bring up Megan’s treatment. While Bailey is talking, Harper keep cutting her off and Jackson steps in to tell his grandfather that he doesn’t think they should have to apologize for saving an American hero. He then calls Jackson some names and tells him that he didn’t earn his spot on the board, his mother gave it to him. Jackson gets upset and leaves the room.

Amelia is having a breakdown about how she ruined peoples lives while this tumor was going inside her brain. Some of the signs that he had a tumor were also normal behaviors for her. Webber calculates her mortality rate and he comes up with a .9%, Derek’s was a 1.3%. He tells her that her percentage is better than Derek’s and he didn’t have a brain tumor.

Harper has come to a decision and he has decided that the hospital isn’t worth it and he is going to pull the funding because he doesn’t want the foundation or the family name anywhere near it. Bailey sticks up for the hospital and tells him that it would bring a PR nightmare to his foundation. He tells her that he will let the hospital keep it’s funding, but she is fired! He then tells Catherine to take Bailey somewhere else for her to “have her feelings.”

While Meredith was talking to Dr. Carr, the patient with the clot, codes and they have to bring him in for surgery. Amelia then calls Maggie in to show her the scans with her tumor. She tries to joke about it saying that it’s ironic that a brain surgeon would end up with a brain tumor. She then tells Maggie that Owen and Meredith don’t know yet and she needs Maggie to help her tell Owen and she has to be the one to tell Meredith. Meredith has been telling her she was crazy for years and this tumor makes her right.

Bailey and Catherine are talking in the hallway and Bailey tells her she is going to go back in there to give him a piece of her mind. When she goes back in there, Catherine runs after her and it appears that Harper is sleeping in his chair. When Catherine goes to wake him up, he slumps completely forward! He is dead!

When Jackson comes and they take Harper’s body away, Bailey tells them that she doesn’t even know why she is there anymore, she doesn’t work there. Jackson asks her what she means and she told him that Harper fired her right before he died. He tells her that he can’t do that, she tells her that he did. He reiterates that he can’t do that now.

Jo asks Alex to come back home. Meredith tells Riggs that he needs to go talk to Megan and he needs to make sure he doesn’t mess it up. Amelia texts Owen to tell him she needs to talk to him and when he comes in, he flips on her about how he has wanted to talk to her all week and now all of a sudden she wants to talk. He then looks up and sees her name on the scans on the screens. Maggie goes to tell Meredith and we end the episode with Amelia getting ready to have her tumor removed and Owen is sitting by her side. Meredith comes in and lays in bed next to her and holds her.

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