Chicago Fire Season 6 Recap: Episode 2 – Ignite on Contact

Tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 we will watch as the crew at 51 investigate the fire at Donna’s school. Boden is determined to find out who set the fire that could have killed his wife and all those students who were stuck inside. Keep reading my Chicago Fire 2017 recap right here to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire season 6!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago Fire 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Chicago Fire season 6 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with Severide walking around his apartment shirtless and Kidd decides she is going to do the same. She grabs a cup of coffee and then tells him that she knew this whole roommate thing was a good idea. Later back at the firehouse, Donna is there talking to Boden, Severide and Casey about what she suspects happened. She thinks it’s one of the kids, but she isn’t sure which one.

They get a call for a motor vehicle accident and when they get to the scene, there is a flatbed with lumber on it on it’s side. It’s hanging over a wall and there is a firefighter from another house under the cab trying to stabilize the driver of the truck. One of the ties on the lumber snaps and shifts the weight of the truck and it comes crashing down on the firefighter, but because of the wall, he is just pinned, not hurt. They use an airbag to life the truck off the firefighter and they get the driver out of the truck and transported to Med.

Herrmann yells out to the other firefighters a sarcastic “you’re welcome” when no one thanks 51 for bailing them out and helping their guy. This leads to some words flying and Mouch bringing up the firefighter muster. He bets the other house $1000 that they will beat them. No one seems too happy that he made this bet without consulting them first.

Back at the house, Mouch is really pulling this heart attack card hard with them. He tells them that when his heart stopped and he was heading towards the light, he was surrounded by everyone in the house. Mouch then tells them that he has assigned them all to a challenge to maximize their chances of winning. Not everyone is thrilled about the challenges he has assigned them.

Severide and Casey are at the high school looking around and there are people from the fire investigation team there. They found that the fire started on a table where they think that there was an experiment left out. The investigator also tells them that he thinks that he found a char line from an accelerate, but the char line was actually from where they dragged the teacher out. The tiles were pre-code and were covered with polyurethane to try and cover them up. When they dragging the teacher through the classroom, their carabiner or her wedding ring could have scraped the floor. Back to square one.

When Casey and Severide go back and tell Boden this, he isn’t happy that they came back with no evidence of Donna’s claim. Severide asks him if there is a chance that Donna’s claim that it was arson could be wrong? That’s when Casey steps in and tells Boden that they will keep looking into it. Severide isn’t happy, but Gabby tells him that he can understand where he is coming from. Donna could have died. Gabby then suggests that they talk to the kids.

They go to talk to them, but no one seems to be very cooperative. One of the kids there is the one who dragged the other girl out of the fire, Rasheedy, looks like he wants to talk to them. They call him over after the bell rings just to try and get him to talk, but there was another kid named Mateo looking at him. Seems like a very intimidating kid. They go back to the fire house to tell OFI and Boden what they found out.

Brett is practicing for the dummy drag when Hope shows up and she tells Brett she is going to get her some water for her. She stops on her way in to flirt with Severide and Brett and Gabby get a call. When they get to the location of the call, they find the kid who was going to talk to Severide and Casey about the fire, but got spooked. He is laying on the ground with a dislocated elbow and looks like he got roughed up a bit. He knows who who attacked him, but he doesn’t want to talk about it with them.

Meanwhile, Mouch is pushing everyone pretty hard about this firefighter muster. Severide is asked to call OFI, but he decides that he is just going to go to the school and talk to Mateo himself. He accuses him of beating up Rasheedy and when Mateo tells him he seems to have it all figured out and asks what he wants from him. Severide tells him he wants him to admit it. Mateo confessed to beating up Rasheedy and tossing a match in the chem lab. Severide doesn’t believe he did it though because it was a chemical fire.

Casey is confused as to why he would confess to a crime he didn’t commit. Gabby walks into them talking about the case and they are talking about the chemicals that caused the fire. One of them was commonly found in brake fluid and another was chlorine, they ignite on contact. Severide finds it weird that it’s not pure chlorine, it was pool chlorine and Gabby remembers when she got to the call about Rasheedy, the person that called said that Rasheedy is a lifeguard, called him a good kid.

Casey, Severide, Boden and Donna all go to the hospital to see Rasheedy and he is standing outside Mrs. Wagner’s room. He tells them that it wasn’t supposed to get so big, he just wanted it to be a small fire on Mateo’s lab table. He wanted to get him kicked out of school so that he couldn’t pick on him anymore. He wanted to tell them in the cafeteria when they came in, but Mateo thought that he was going to try and blame it on him.

The police are called and Donna feels bad because she made a quick assumption that it was Mateo and not Rasheedy. We end the episode off with the firefighter muster and it looks like Kidd and Gabby beat a couple of the guys from the other house and Kidd offers to buy one of the guys a beer to dull the pain. Brett who was supposed to be doing the dummy drag, switched challenges with Cruz who was supposed to do the pole hang. It all comes down to the tug-a-war challenge which 51 wins!

Severide goes by to talk to Mateo, he tells him that he knows what it’s like when everyone already has their mind made up about them. He then tells him that just because of that, he can’t go around beating the hell out of everyone. He tells Mateo that he has a second chance here, tells him not to blow it. When he turns to leave, Mateo yells out to ask if the teacher is going to make it and Severide tells him things are looking up.

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