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Last week on Law & Order: SVU season 19, we watched as Benson found out she was being investigated for child abuse charges by her ex-boyfriend and former colleague, Cassidy. Keep reading my Law & Order: SVU 2017 recap to find out what happens tonight on Law & Order: SVU right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order: SVU 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 19 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of Law & Order: SVU season 19 started off with a man cleaning the scene of a rape and the woman who was attacked is in the bathroom. He asks her for a toothbrush and then tells her to count backwards from 60 before she leaves the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Rollins has a young woman come in to report a rape and Benson is talking to Michelle, a DA investigating her for child abuse. Things get emotional when Benson has to tell her why she was seeing a shrink, if you all remember correctly, she was seeing a shrink after she was abducted and tortured by William Lewis.

Benson’s phone rings, it’s Fin with a case. Rollins is talking to the young woman, Savannah and she is telling Rollins that he was listening to music, he made her shower and he used a timer. She then tells her that he took her ID and wore a Halloween mask. She then tells Rollins that she can’t go back to her apartment and that she heard sometimes rape victims can get housing vouchers and Rollins tells her that she would talk to her boss.

Savannah documents her entire life on social media and they noticed that she went out to the bar two hours after she was attacked. They go to check out her job and the first thing her boss says is “did you catch the bastard that raped her?” They find out that she told her boss she was attacked after she showed up to work late and hungover. He fired her and she burst into tears and told him she was raped. He brought her to the police that morning and she reported it, but she didn’t tell SVU that.

Benson and Rollins go to talk to the detective that took her original statement and he tells her that he didn’t call them because she made the whole story up. After Benson accuses him of not doing his job properly, he tells her that Savannah told him that “maybe she dreamed it all up.” She also mentioned that she came here because her boss was going to fire her.

Benson brings Savannah in and she tells Benson she went out drinking because she didn’t want to be alone. She tells Benson that she is a foster child and she has no family to run to. She tells Benson that she should have told them that they she already reported it, but it didn’t matter because people like Benson don’t believe people like Savannah. Benson tells her that she believes her.

During some interviews with Savannah’s foster parents, Rollins and Carisi find out that Savannah has cried rape before. Benson wants to believe her, but there are things that aren’t adding up and Benson goes to tell Savannah that she can’t stay at the rape crisis shelter because they can’t go forward with her case. That’s when Fin and Carisi go and talk to a woman named Mrs. Burns, the woman from the attack in the beginning of the episode.

Her story matches Savannah’s story, right down to the mask he wore. After Fin and Carisi talk with Mrs. Burns, Rollins and Benson are trying to get a hold of Savannah. Fin and Carisi asked Mrs. Burns if she used her inhaler while he was there and she tells them that after he kissed her she started wheezing and she used it. They take a DNA sample from the inhaler and get a match from a burglary. They go and talk to the burglary victim and they find out that she signed a petition, so did Savannah and so did Mrs. Burns. They were all different petitions, but there is only one company running petitions on all three topics in the city. Fin and Carisi go to check them out.

Rollins talks to Benson and tells her that she was having drinks with someone who used to work at the 2-7, but now he is an investigator for the DA, the same one investigating Benson. Benson shuts down Rollins and tells her not to pull any strings, she said that Mike isn’t the type to pull strings, but after his fourth Jameson, he tells her that there never would have been an investigation against Benson if it wasn’t for Cassidy.

Benson goes to talk to Cassidy about all the stuff that he told to Michelle in regards to her case. He tells her that he just tried to help her, but William Lewis’ name came up. He didn’t deny telling Michelle anything about that. Fin and Carisi are talking to the head of the agency where the man who attacked Mrs. Burns and Savannah possibly works. They get an address for the attacker, whose name is Tommy and they go there with a warrant.

His mother answers the door and invites them in, Fin asks to go to the bathroom and Carisi sits with Tommy’s mother, who is wearing the bracelet that he stole from Mrs. Burns on his way out of her apartment. Find comes out with a list of signatures and there are stars next to three names, Mrs. Burns, Savannah and a woman named Vivian. The call Benson and Rollins with the address and head over. Benson and Rollins make it there first, they hear the music coming from inside and hear a woman screaming. They break down the door and Tommy grabs his gun and Vivian.

Benson tells him to put the gun down and let Vivian go, but he doesn’t seem to have any intentions of doing that. He lets Vivian go and runs, Rollins goes after him. He jumped out the bathroom window and is climbing the fire escape. Rollins catches up to him and gets him to trust her enough to talk to her. Right when you think he might put the gun down, he turns and jumps off the roof of one building to the next. Carisi chases after him and when he tries to get away, he slips and falls off the side of the building. Carisi grabs his arm, but his hand slips and he hits the ground about 10 floors down.

Rollins takes Savannah out for lunch and she tells her that she owes her an apology for not believing her. We end the episode off with Benson watching TV with Noah and Fin calls her. Noah asks her if it’s work and she tells him, “if it’s important, they will call back.”

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