Chicago PD 2017 Recap: Season 5 Episode 2 – The Thing About Heroes

Last week we watched as Halstead found himself being investigated after a gun bust goes wrong on Chicago PD season 5. This week we will watch as Burgess tries to prove one of their own is innocent after a van explodes at a street festival. Keep reading my Chicago PD 2017 recap for all the details of tonight’s episode of Chicago PD season 5!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago PD 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Chicago PD season 5 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of Chicago PD season 5 off with Burgess, Atwater and Ruzek working a street festival when Burgess sees a patrol officer she helped train. Toma is standing around and he claims to be hungover when Burgess asks him what’s bothering him and Ruzek calls Burgess back. Meanwhile, Atwater sees a suspicious van parking in and alley and when the driver and passenger run off, Atwater chases after him. One of them gets him by a car and the other gets away. The van blows up and Ruzek, who was right behind Atwater, runs back to check on everyone in the area.

The guy who was hit by the car is alive, but at Med about to go in for surgery. Upton and Halstead head over there to see if they can talk to him, but April refuses to let them because he needs to be treated. Meanwhile, Burgess is trying to find Toma to see if he could help them canvas the area, most of the people that live there are Syrian and he is fluent in the language. Toma isn’t answering his phone, he isn’t at any area hospitals and his partner hasn’t talked to him all day. They head to his parents house, where Toma lives, and while searching his room, Burgess finds jihadist websites in his browsing history.

There is an FBI agent working with Voight and his team and when Voight mentions the jihadist websites on Toma’s iPad, the FBI agent tells him that’s not surprising to him. Toma has been going to evening prayer at the same radical mosque that Wateef, the man who was hit bt the car, goes to. He has been tracking Toma, but he was just a blip until now. The FBI agent wants to take the lead, but Voight reminds him that this is one of their own and the FBI agrees that they will just keep each other informed.

While looking through Toma’s room, Burgess and Antonio find out that Toma was keeping a pretty big secret, he’s gay and possibly dating someone else in the district, an officer named Mooney. Halstead and Upton are questioning Wateef who isn’t being very cooperative, but does give another name when they threaten him with the FBI. He gives them the name Azul Raheem and his wife Nadia but they are missing in action. He also tells them that Toma, who he knows by another name, knows Raheem and his wife, but didn’t say he was connected to this. Raheem was the other person in the van with Wateef.

They get a lead on Nadia and Raheem, Nadia is smashing a computer with a hammer and Raheem runs out of the back of the building. When Nadia is told to drop the hammer, she reaches and pulls out a gun, Halstead is forced to shoot her and they manage to bring Azul in. While questioning Raheem, he is insisting to talk to his wife. Upton and Halstead are using her and their daughter as leverage to get him to talk. He tells them that there is another attack coming, but he refuses to tell them anymore. He asks for a lawyer and to see his wife. Upton then shows him pictures of her after she was shot and then tells him not to be sad, she died for the cause.

They get another name, Mukash Hassan, he is the one who built the bomb and put it in the van. The FBI agent doesn’t believe that Hassan and Raheem would be working with each other. Hassan is pretty high on the totem pole. Atwater then comes in the room with some information that connects Hassan and Raheem. They found a print on the timing mechanism from the bomb, it’s Hassan’s print.

It’s also starting to look like Toma was their inside man, but when they talk to his boyfriend, Mooney, he tells them that he hasn’t talked to Toma, but when he got back to Chicago he had a voicemail. He tells Antonio and Burgess that he heard about the bombing, knew that Toma was working the festival, he tried to call and when he didn’t answer and district couldn’t give him any answers he got on a plane and came home. He was in New York visiting family.

The voicemail was Toma rambling about how he made a mistake and kept saying he could have prevented the bombing and he screwed up. Apparently Toma has been really depressed, his partner has been ragging on him and it got worse when he found out Toma was Muslim and then even worse when he found out Toma was gay. He tells Antonio and Burgess that he sounded sad and the message sounded like he was saying goodbye.

Ruzek gets a hit on Toma’s car, it’s by the river and the entire team fans out to find him. Burgess finds him and he is pointing a gun to his chin. She is able to talk him into putting the gun down so they can talk, he tells her that there is an envelope in his backpack that will explain everything. When the feds show up, he puts the gun back to his chin and pulls the trigger. Burgess watches him kill himself.

The team brings the bag back to the unit and while looking through it, there is no envelope. That’s because Burgess has it and she is following the clues Toma left for her. Inside the apartment there are maps and it looks like Toma might have been involved, but then Burgess finds a notebook with surveillance photos with dates, times, locations for meetings and tons of other information that may point to him actually working a solo undercover operation.

Inside the notebook they find pictures of the van used at the festival and another van which they believe is going to be used in another attack. They go to the location where the picture was taken, but the second van is already gone. There is a lot of chatter about the police academy graduation, but they think that’s a decoy. Burgess goes through the journal again and finds pictures of a high school football stadium and Antonio and Burgess head there. They get stopped in traffic, but the van is up ahead. Antonio and Burgess run for the van and they are able to sneak up on the driver and passenger and take them into custody. They also disarm the bomb.

Burgess goes to see Toma’s family to tell them that Toma was a hero and not what the papers are saying he is. Burgess then goes to visit Toma’s partner while he is at the park with his son. The first thing she says that she has always hated bullies. He tells her that he didn’t belong, she tells him Toma belonged more than he ever will. Voight tells Burgess that she needs to stay away from Toma’s partner because his dad is some big wig and if she keeps going after him, her career will go up in smoke.

We end the episode off with Voight bringing Toma’s journal to Denny Woods to tell him that if it wasn’t for Toma, they wouldn’t have found the second bomb. With the information that Woods put out to the press, they are still calling him a terrorist and now that they know the truth, they should do something about it. Woods tells him he will see what he can do and then give Voight credit for always knowing when to stay and fight and when to run. Voight turns to him and tells him that he never runs, he just waits.

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