This Is Us 2017 Recap: Episode 2 – A Manny-Splendored Thing

Tonight on This Is Us season 2, the Pearsons head to Los Angeles to visit Kevin during a taping of Manny. We also get a look at how Rebecca and Jack handle life after their fight. Keep reading to find out what happened tonight on This Is Us 2017! If you missed last week’s episode of This Is Us season 2, you can find my full recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with Rebecca and Jack pulling into their driveway after she picked him up from Miguel’s and begged him to come home. We then get a look at him the last time Rebecca and him had issues because of his drinking. They get into a huge fight, but make up the next day. He also gets a call from his boss asking him to come into the office. He gets screamed at about some permits he didn’t file. Instead of going for a drink, he goes to an AA meeting.

We then get a look at Kevin freaking out over a special reunion episode of Manny that he has to go to Los Angeles to tape. Meanwhile,  Randall, Beth and the girls are packing for their trip to LA. Rebecca and Miguel arrive at Toby and Kate’s and Miguel is super excited about the pigs in a blanket that Toby made for him.

Back in the flashback, Jack goes to see Kate at school and tells her that he just needed to see her. She notices something is wrong with her dad and asks if everything is okay at work. He tells her that his boss just makes it feel like a job sometimes and she leans over and gives him a big hug and tells him it’s going to be okay.

Back in present time, the family is getting ready for the taping of the Manny when Beth hands Randall the paperwork to become a foster parent. Beth has already done hers, but Randall is nervous that they won’t be able to handle an older child with some potentially serious problems. Kate gets a call while they are waiting for the taping to start when she gets a call about filling in for a singing gig. After the first scene is taped, Toby decides that he is going to leave to go to Kate’s gig and Rebecca decides that she is going to go with him.

We get a look back at Kate getting ready for a talent show at school and she is already really nervous about it because of Rebecca making it such a big deal. After trying on a dress that Rebecca made for Kate for her first performance out of a dress she wore for her first performance, Kate hears her mom singing in the shower. She decides that she isn’t going to sing during the talent show.

Back to present day, Kate gets on stage and sees Toby and Rebecca walk in and she starts singing “Landslide” by the Dixie Chicks and while we listen to her sing we see Jack at the gym punching a heavy bag in a flashback. We then see as Kevin at the talent show when he was a kid doing a Mr. T impression. They come back to his taping of the Manny episode and we see him in a giant diaper because the producer changed the final scene in order to humiliate him, but he goes out there and does it. Jack shows up at the talent show in the flashback and just missed Kevin’s impression.

Back in present time, Kevin goes back to his dressing room, Beth comes out of his bathroom at the same time. She tells him about the issues that her and Randall are having with the foster parent paperwork. He tells her that the only time Randall ever risked failure is the day he asked Beth out for the first time. After Kate’s fill in gig, one of the band members comes up and tells her they should do that again sometime.

After that Rebecca is giving her compliments about her singing, but this sets Kate off and they get into an argument about how Rebecca is always over compensating for her. Rebecca then asks Toby if she is crazy or if she is really doing the things that Kate said she is doing. He tells Rebecca that as much as he wants her to like him, he is always going to be Team Kate and he is not going to allow her to put him in awkward situations like this one again. In the car ride home, Rebecca puts her hand on Kate’s shoulder and tells her that she has realized that she really likes her fiance.

We end the episode off with Beth telling Randall that they can do this, they can do anything. Randall then tells the girls that him and mommy have something to talk to them about. We also get a flashback of Jack and Rebecca talking about how things can’t be the way they were the first time he quit drinking. He then goes to talk to Kate and tells her that she needs to be nicer to her mother.

He then tells her that she doesn’t know everything that’s going on. He tells her that he wants to talk to them all, but wanted to talk to her first. He tells her that part of the reason him and her mom had a fight is because he has a drinking problem and his father had a drinking problem. He tells her that he kept it from them because he didn’t want them to know that about him, but they have to know.

She grabs his face and he apologizes to her and tells her that he never wanted to disappoint them, but he needed to be honest with them, because he needs them. Rebecca brings Jack to an AA meeting in the final scene of the show.

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