Lethal Weapon 2017 Recap: Episode 2 – Dancing in September

Lot of surprises on Lethal Weapon season 2 with someone from Murtaugh’s past comes back in an unexpected way. Palmer comes back to help with a case where Riggs and Murtaugh manage to uncover a drug ring being run out of the wellness center. Keep reading my Lethal Weapon 2017 recap to find out all the details of tonight’s episode!

SPOILER ALERT: Lethal Weapon 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Lethal Weapon season 2 do NOT read ahead!

Tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon season 2 started off with a bunch of people partying when all of a sudden there is a bunch of women in a hot tub. One of them says that they felt a hand touch their foot and they find a dead body in the bottom of the hot tub. It’s the body of a doctor who was throwing this party.

Murtaugh and Trish are getting ready for RJ to head off to college. Riggs is waiting for Cahill in her office when she gets there and he is rambling about wanting to be normal. He then mentions that he was up cleaning his gun and found one of Palmer’s card and he was contemplating calling her but it was 5am.

Murtaugh gets to the scene where the body was found in a hot tub and Riggs is already there. He is acting really weird and when they get back to the station Avery tells them that they are going to be watched by a Deputy Chief. Murtaugh asks who this Deputy Chief is and she says “hello Roger” from right behind them. He turns to find Deputy Chief Santos behind him. He tells Riggs that they have a history and we find out that it wasn’t anymore than her touching his finger, but he felt like there was tension between them.

Before leaving to work their case, Murtaugh and Riggs are handed body cams to wear while they are out. This way the Deputy Chief can see what they are up to outside of the office. They get to a wellness center that the dead doctor ran and while inside they notice something odd. This turns into Riggs and Murtaugh chasing suspects and fighting, Riggs’ body camera ends up broken in the process.

When Santos looks at Murtaugh’s body cam and it doesn’t make them look very good. Riggs suggests that they get the DEA involved, this is his way of talking to Palmer without really talking to Palmer. He goes to bring her information about the case but she shuts him down because she thinks that steroids and HGH aren’t something to go after especially because they are coming out of a wellness center and it’s not really a big case.

He leaves and Palmer continues to look at the camera footage that Riggs brought her. Riggs goes back to the office to look into some Russians because one of the guys in the video had a Russian tattoo. While Avery and Riggs are working a lead at a massage parlor, they find another doctor who is tied to a chair in his office and a man jumping out a window.

Riggs chases after the man who jumped out of the window because he believes he is the Russian drug cartel guy they are looking for and Palmer is there to stop the man from running. She puts cuffs on his and takes him into DEA custody. Riggs realizes that she has been following him because this is all drug related like he thought.

Murtaugh was there to get his back massaged to work out a kink in it from helping RJ move some of his boxes, or attempting to. He runs out and while Riggs and Avery are still in a state of shock, Murtaugh shows up. They go back to the office and Avery, Riggs and Murtaugh are all being asked how they lost their suspect, again. Riggs tells her that they didn’t lose him, he is currently being interrogated by their task force partner at the DEA.

Riggs, Murtaugh and Avery go to talk to Scorsese to get information about the doctor they found tortured and dead at the clinic when they went back. That’s when Palmer calls and tries to get information out of Riggs, but they end up getting some information that leads them to a patient of Dr. Harris, the first doctor that was found dead. They find her at a pharmacy where her post op prescriptions have been being sent.

They bring her in and find out that she got her work done because Orlov, the Russian who hired her and then she ripped off. That’s why she got the work done, but this turns into the patient, Sara, confessing to killing Dr. Harris. Murtaugh goes to tell Santos that Sara confessed to this and they confront the tension between them.

RJ is having a hard time with the idea of going to live in the dorm. Trish goes in to talk to him and explains to him that she was nervous about moving out and going to college too, but she did it. Meanwhile, Murtaugh, Riggs and Palmer are trying to figure out at way to get Orlov, the guy who is heading this drug ring. They have decided to put a wire on Sara, but Palmer thinks it would be best if she went in her place.

We end the episode off with Orlov inviting Palmer onto the boat thinking that she is Sara and she does a pretty good job at it, until he decides that she needs to change into a bathing suit. They then throw her dress overboard which is where the wire was and they take off on the boat. Riggs runs and jumps into the water and gets on the boat. Palmer is fighting off one of Orlov’s men while Riggs is fighting off the rest of them with the help of Murtaugh’s good shooting.

When Riggs gets Palmer, Orlov comes out of nowhere and grabs Palmer and puts a gun to the back of her head. He tells Riggs to drop his gun or he will shoot her, but Palmer tells Riggs to shoot him because he is going to kill her anyway. Riggs tells Palmer to duck and Murtaugh shoots Orlov in the back with a harpoon gun.

We end the episode off with Cahill checking in on Riggs while he is filling out paperwork and “then heading home” but she doesn’t believe that. She asks him why he is avoiding his house and he tells her that it’s too quiet and she tells him that he didn’t bury his past in Mexico. Avery calls out to anyone who wants a robbery and he takes it and takes off to avoid talking about his feelings with her anymore. Meanwhile, Murtaugh and Trish are dropping RJ off at school and Trish starts to get emotional.

Riggs responds to that armed robbery call and finds that it’s just Palmer who wanted to get his attention. He tells her all she had to do was call him, but she didn’t see the fun in that. They run out of the store and make out in a back alley.

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