Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 2017 Recap: Episode 2

Tonight’s episode of Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 2017 will show us the Menendez Brothers being interviewed by detectives and later arrested for the murder of their parents. Find out what lead to this on the Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders right here with my full recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders season 1 do NOT read ahead!

The episode started off with the detectives talking to some of Lyle and Erik’s friends and trying to get to the bottom of the case. They are going through the financial records and seeing all the money Lyle has spent since their parent’s murder. One of Lyle’s friends reach out to the police and he doesn’t really want to tell them everything he knows. He then mentions that the LA Times wants to interview him and one of the detectives tells him to go ahead and tell them anything he wants. He knows that this friend will spill the beans to the paper.

When the article is published, one of the detectives brings it to Erik and the article insinuates that Lyle should be a suspect in his parents murder. Erik starts to freak out and is having an anxiety attack. He calls Dr. Oziel and asks to meet with him as soon as possible. When Erik shows up to the office, he asks if they can go for a walk and during this walk he tells Dr. Oziel, “We did it. We did it.” He then makes a full confession to Dr. Oziel and the doctor calls Lyle.

When Lyle gets there, Dr. Oziel tells him that Erik told him everything, that they shot their parents, where they bought the guns, everything. He then tells them that he can’t go to the police because of privilege. Erik runs off and Oziel asks Lyle if he can talk to him. Lyle tells him he has nothing to say to him, shakes his hand and tells him “Good luck Dr. Oziel” and shakes his hand with a glare in his eyes. He spooks the doctor who then calls his wife and tells her that he thinks they might be in danger and tells him to take the girls to a hotel.

Lyle is pissed, but he seems more concerned about whether Erik told the doctor something else and not making the confession. They agree to do another session with the doctor, but Lyle doesn’t like where the conversation is going so they leave. Meanwhile, the detectives are talking to one of Erik’s friends. They convince him to wear a wire and meet with Erik. While they are out to eat, they are talking about a script they wrote for school. The friend mentions how he would like to make the story about Erik’s parents and change all the names.

The Doctor’s mistress has attempted suicide, claiming that she can’t live without him and she doesn’t want to be alone anymore. She is able to convince him to talk to his wife and allow her to stay at his house. While she is there, she asks him for a loan and he tells her that if she is out by the end of the week he will give it to her. She tells him that he can’t kick her out, if he does she will go to the police and tell them that Lyle and Erik confessed to the murders. He tells her that she will be killed and she tells him that the boys won’t kill her because they don’t know who she is. He grabs her by the arms and tells her that he will tell them who she is.

Meanwhile, Judalon is starting issues at the Oziel’s house by moving furniture around and telling Mrs. Oziel that she has horrible taste and telling Dr. Oziel’s daughters that she has been having an affair with their father and that their parents don’t love them anymore. Tells them that their parents are going to get divorced and she is going to take their mother’s place. Dr. Oziel kicks her out and then she goes to the police.

This causes the detectives to search his home, his office and safety deposit boxes for the tapes that have his sessions with the Menendez brothers on them. Lyle is arrested, but Erik is out of the country at a tennis tournament. He is told that he has to fly back to surrender himself to police. He is arrested at the airport when he comes back.

The episode ends with Erik and Lyle being put in neighboring cells awaiting for their arraignment. Leslie Abramson decides to represent Erik in the trial and she meets with him to let him know that she won’t let them roll over him. She then asks him to tell her what happened. Lyle is then brought in to speak with her with Erik in the room. She tells Lyle that she is going to take the case but she needs them to understand a few things. They are not to talk to anyone including the COs and the other inmates. After that she goes to talk to their Aunt Marta and her husband about their life growing up.

We get a flashback of Jose bullying Erik into finishing his dinner calling him names and slamming the food in front of him. There is a press conference with the DA and then a separate one with Abramson. The DA discuss the evidence against the Menendez brothers and Abramson discusses how they illegally got that evidence because it breaks doctor-patient confidentiality.

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