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Tonight we start a new Marvel series called The Gifted on FOX and after watching the first six minutes of tonight’s premiere, I’m super excited! You are not going to want to miss a moment of tonight’s The Gifted season 1 premiere so keep refreshing this page for all the details! Make sure you let me know what you think of The Gifted 2017 in the comments below!

SPOILER ALERT: The Gifted 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
The Gifted season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode with a look at a woman, Clarice, running from the cops, when she is cornered we see as she opens a portal and goes through it. A cop car crashes into the portal and the light’s on top seemed to have gone through the portal with her. We then see as John, Marcos and Lorna are trying to track her down. John can sense her and when they find her, they find that the cops are there too.

They find themselves cornered by the police and Lorna blows out the lights in the building with her powers so they can try and hide. Then she blows out the lights on the cop car as well. When the police start shooting, she then stops bullets and they are all able to get out the back door of the building they are in. Meanwhile, there are cops around the back of the building too and Marcos finds himself shot in the arm and Lorna finds herself arrested.

We then get a look at Reed and Caitlin Strucker who are sitting in the principal’s office because their son, Andy, is being tormented by bullies. We also get a look at their daughter Lauren who is getting ready for school. After that we get a look at Lorna who is locked up in a mutant detention facility after the incident with trying to rescue Clarice.

Lauren is getting ready for a dance and Andy manages to sneak out and meets her in the car. He is able to convince her to bring him with her even though he isn’t the social type. While at the dance, the same bullies that have been tormenting Andy at school, find him at the dance. They pull him into the locker room where they pin him in the showers and turn it on as hot as they can. While he is screaming for them to stop, something happens. His screams bend the showers and throw the bullies across the locker room.

Lauren’s boyfriend is trying to get her to leave, but she tells him that she can’t until she finds Andy. Lauren is able to get him to stop screaming and he is apologizing to her.

Meanwhile, we get a look at the Mutant Underground Headquarters where Marcos is getting bandaged up and one of the other women is talking to Lorna. They see the news story about what happened at the high school. Back at their house Andy and Lauren are talking to Caitlin about Andy and his mutant powers. Lauren is trying to tell her it’s normal for them to just happen after moments of high stress. Caitlin then asks her how she knows all of this. She tells her that them surviving a car accident three years ago was no miracle. She explains that she also has abilities.

There is then a knock on the door and it’s a government agency there to take Andy and Lauren away. When Caitlin tries to tell them that her kids aren’t going anywhere, they push her to the floor and Andy and Lauren channel their abilities to help get them out of the house. Caitlin is on the phone with Reed explaining to him what happened. Reed thinks that Andy and Lauren were attacked by mutants, but Caitlin tells him that they are the mutants.

Reed meets with them at a diner and he is trying to get a better idea about what happened at the school. Caitlin tells him that she doesn’t think that matters right now because when Sentinel Services showed up at the house, he stops her. He realizes this is much bigger than he thought it was. He then gets a hold of one of his co-workers to get some information on an agency that might be able to help them.

We get a little more information about Lauren’s abilities. She is able to use the air to push things and she can use it to shield things like the car. Lauren then tries to teach Andy how to control his ability and he is able to do it, but then it goes too far. Back at the Mutant Underground Headquarters, Clarice is thanking Marcos for helping her even though she threw a coffee pot and mug at his head. She also apologizes to him for Lorna getting arrested, it was to help her after all.

He asks her if she is able to teleport someone into an area, like if he wanted her to teleport him into the prison where Lorna is. She gives him an example of why she can’t do that. She uses one a dog toy to show him that things don’t exactly survive those types of teleports. Then Marcos’ phone rings.

It’s Reed looking for his help for his family. He tells Marcos that the attack on the high school was his kids and then tells Marcos that he is with the DA’s office and he was helping them build a case against Lorna. He then mentions Lorna’s medical condition. Marcos is freaking out about her medical condition and Reed uses this to get him to agree to a meet. He then tells Marcos that Lorna is pregnant!

The next morning, Caitlin and Reed are talking when they see drones from Sentinel Services and they realize that they are in trouble. Lauren builds a shield in front of a guy loading laundry into the back of a pickup and they take the truck. We then see Reed meeting with Marcos and he wants to know where they are holding Lorna. Reed gives him the information he asks for and then tells him that he won’t be answering anymore questions until he gets what he needs.

Marcos gives him an address for them all to meet and then tells him that his family will be transported out, but he will stay with Marcos until Lorna is out of the detention center. Back at the headquarters, Clarice goes to talk to John about Marcos. She tells him about the phone call about the phone call that Marcos got from Reed. He tells her to come with him and she tells him that they don’t even know where Marcos is. John reminds her that he found her, he can find him too.

Reed goes to meet Marcos with the family in the car and when they get out of the car Caitlin starts demanding answers. Moments later, they hear sirens and are surrounded by Sentinel Services and they are threatening to use deadly force if they try to resist. Just then, John and Clarice show up to help them escape. The Sentinel Service releases “weapons” that look like mechanical spiders and they attach themselves to your body.

Lauren is using her shield to help Marcos fight off the weapons and Clarice is opening a portal for them to get through. After everyone else is through, Reed goes to jump through, but he is shot. Clarice can’t hold the portal anymore and he gets left behind!

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