Big Bang Theory 2017 Recap: Episode 2 – The Retraction Reaction

Tonight we will watch as Leonard tries to get himself out of a sticky situation on The Big Bang Theory season 11. After a radio interview goes wrong, Leonard finds that the University and the physics community are pretty angry with him. Keep reading my The Big Bang Theory 2017 recap right here for all the details! If you missed last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, you can find my recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Big Bang Theory 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
The Big Bang Theory season 11 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with the crew all eating dinner together and Sheldon asking who wants the last dumpling. Amy mentions that he should offer it to the pregnant woman and he hints that he doesn’t know who she is talking about. When Bernadette tells him that she is clearly pregnant, he tells her about the last time he asks if a woman was pregnant and Penny tells him she is still mad at him about that. He then asks her how he was supposed to know she wasn’t pregnant, she was drinking water instead of wine.

This then turns into a conversation about how Leonard is going to be interviewed on public radio. After the commercial break we get a look at Leonard during his interview. He totally botches his interview with the radio talking about how they are looking for all these things, but they are unable to find them. He then says that he remains optimistic and then goes back to how they have spent all this money, but haven’t been able to find anything they are looking for.

Bernadette and Amy have lunch plans and Amy is unpacking her new lab equipment. Bernadette tells her that she is surprised that Sheldon isn’t there playing with them yet. She tells her that she hasn’t even told him yet because her study has been getting more funding then the physics department and he is a little sensitive about it. Bernadette tells her that she has to do the same thing with Howard because she doesn’t want him to feel bad about her making more money than him.

Leonard is called into the Dean’s office and she tells him that she needs him to release a statement that he misspoke and that physics are close to a breakthrough. Leonard goes to Sheldon for help with this because Sheldon actually believes this, but Sheldon tells him that he actually thinks that Leonard was right.

Leonard has started his statement and Sheldon doesn’t have many ideas for things he can include in this statement and they get discouraged. So much so, they start drinking. Amy and Bernadette are having tea and they are upset that they can’t brag to their partners about their success. They then decide that they can brag to each other, but this turns into them throwing insults at each other.

Raj and Howard are called over by Penny to cheer them up. This turns into Howard freaking out about having two babies and Raj getting depressed about never having babies because you can’t have babies when you’re sitting home watching Netflix with your dog. Penny then gets sick of listening to them whine about their lives being a waste. Howard decides that they need to go talk to Richard Feynman. Penny tags along to the cemetery.

We end the episode off with getting called into the Dean’s office again because of an email he sent while he was drunk. It was a bunch of drunken talk about how physics is undead, like a zombie and if Richard Feynman came back as a zombie, he would let him bite him. He then put a PS at the bottom asking her if she could come get him because the Uber driver won’t let Sheldon in the car because he is covered in vomit.

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