Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Preview: Episode 3 – What to Expect! (VIDEO)

Tonight we will get episode three of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access and while I didn’t write a recap for the second episode, I will go through some of the key information here for you. Keep reading to find out what happened in Star Trek: Discovery episode two and what to expect tonight on episode three!

SPOILER ALERT: Star Trek: Discovery spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Star Trek: Discovery season 1 do NOT read ahead!

In Episode two, Burnham is relieved to duty and remanded to a cell. This comes after Saru informs them that there are 24 Klingon ships out there and Brunham tries to explain to them that there are 24 great Klingon houses. That can’t be a coincidence. Meanwhile, T’Kuvma is working on convincing the 24 great houses that they can be victorious against the Federation with him leading them.

Reinforcements for the Shenzhou arrive, but Georgiou tries to offer them a peaceful resolution, but the Klingon’s open fire on the Shenzhou. The ship is heavily damaged during this attack, but the Shenzhou is able to return fire. Meanwhile, Burnham is knocked unconscious when an explosion happens in the brig. When she wakes up, half of her cell is destroyed, but the shield keeping her in is still up. She gets a telepathic visit from Sarek and he is able to encourage her to find a way out to help the others on the ship.

The Admiral shows up and tries to propose a ceasefire with the Klingons and they accept the ceasefire, but Anderson finds his ship rammed by a cloaked Klingon ship. His ship is attacked by all of the Klingon ships and it is damaged so heavily that Anderson is forced to self destruct his ship. Him and his crew are gone.

Burnham is able to escape her cell and makes her way to where Georgiou is with the rest of the crew and she convinces Georgiou that they should take T’Kuvma prisoner. She explains to Georgiou that the plan to kill T’Kuvma would make him a martyr, someone that they will fight to avenge endlessly. While they talk about this, they see that the Klingons gathering their dead and Georgiou has an idea. They send one of the torpedoes in with one of the Klingon corpses to create a distraction.

Burnham and Georgiou enter the Klingon ship, Burnham fights with Voq as Georgiou tries to take T’Kuvma prisoner. Georgiou is killed and then Burnham shoots and kills T’Kuvma. Burnham is teleported back to the ship and is then sentenced to life after pleading guilty for her mutiny.

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight when the third episode of Star Trek: Discovery is released on CBS All Access! We will watch as Burnham begins her life sentence for her mutiny. Or does she? Check out this preview I was able to get from Star Trek: Discovery’s twitter page!

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