Hell’s Kitchen 2017 Recap: Season 17 Premiere – All-Stars Arrive!

Last night we watched as a brand new season of Hell’s Kitchen began with 16 previous contestants returning for a second chance at the biggest job opportunity of their lives! If you missed last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2017, check out my full recap of the Hell’s Kitchen season 17 premiere right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Hell’s Kitchen 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Hell’s Kitchen season 17 do NOT read ahead!

Last night’s episode started off with Gordon Ramsay bringing in the 16 all-stars that will be competing this season of Hell’s Kitchen 2017 individually. One after the other, they walked in and meet the other contestants. When Jennifer from season 9 walks in she mentions that the only person she doesn’t want to see is Elise. Nick and Milly are talking about wanting to see Michelle, but not wanting to see Josh. They got a different Michelle (season 14) and then Barbie walks in and no one is happy to see her. There is even more tension when Dana walks in and sees Barbie there. Not as much tension as when Elise and Josh walk in the room though!

After they are all brought in and we see who will be competing this season, Chef Ramsay comes out to introduce all of the all-stars. He tells them all that the winner of this season will become the Head Chef of the brand new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas which comes with a salary of $250,000 a year. They then head inside for their first challenge!

They will be doing a signature dish challenge like every season before, except this year there is a twist! They will not be making their own signature dishes, they will be making new signature dishes with new ingredients. They will also be going head to head with other chefs with the same main protein! They have 45 minutes to make a new signature dish with the ingredients that Chef Ramsay has given them.

Each chef is being judged on a scale of 1 to 5, Ashley and Jared are up first and Ashley gets a 4 and Jared gets a 4 also. Barbie and Ben are up now and Barbie gets a 3 and Ben gets a 2, the women are in the lead by 1. Jennifer and Giovanni are up next and Giovanni gets a 3 and Jennifer gets a 3 to keep the woman on the top by 1. Michelle and Nick are up next and Michelle gets a 4 and Nick gets a 3 which gives the women a two point lead. After the pork chops, that lead is cut by one and Dana gets a 4 with her filet and Josh gets a 2 which gives the women a 3 point lead.

Van and Elise are up with their lobster dishes and Van gets the first 5 of the night and Elise’s dish gets the woman the second 5 of the night keeping them on top. The final round is Benjamin and Robyn and Benjamin gets a 5, it comes down to Robyn’s dish. Robyn has to get at least a 3 and she gets a 1. The men win the challenge and that means that the woman will have to clean up and prep both kitchens while the men enjoy their reward of a visit to Skyslide and then dinner with Chef Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck.

The men are enjoying themselves and the woman are trying not to kill Elise who is refusing to help them take apart bleachers. After the men enjoy their reward and the women clean up and prep the kitchens, it’s time for the Chef’s to compete in an individual challenge which will award the winner with immunity! They will have to create a bar menu item for this challenge and we won’t find out who wins until next week on Hell’s Kitchen season 17! We will also see the first dinner service of the season next week on Hell’s Kitchen 2017, you are not going to want to miss it!

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