Will & Grace 2017 Recap: Season 9 Premiere – 11 Years Later

Tonight we get a look at the cast of Will & Grace 11 years later and there isn’t much of a difference in their lives at this point. Jack is still living across the hall from Will and Grace is back to staying with Will now that she is getting divorced. Karen is still Grace’s assistant and they are all still hilarious as ever! Keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s Will & Grace season 9 premiere!

SPOILER ALERT: Will & Grace 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Will & Grace season 9 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with Will, Grace, Jack and Karen playing a game. When it’s Jack and Karen’s turn, Karen seems to be in a bit of a daze. Jack grabs a pill bottle and shakes it in her ear to get her attention. She tells them all that she had a dream and in her dream Will was dating a guy in uniform and Grace was married to a Jewish doctor. Will reminds Karen that they both used to be and now they are single.

She then asks what happened to the children they had that ended up marrying each other and Will tells her that never happened and Karen without missing a beat says “What a relief, no one wants to see you two raise kids.” Karen then asks if they are still living together and Will says that they are for now, but Grace corrects him and says she is just staying there for a couple weeks while the dust settles. Jack makes a joke about the dust settling on her genitals and she says “on my divorce.”

Karen then asks what about Stan and if he is still alive and if she is still rich, tells them to answer the second one first. Will consoles her and tells her that she is still rich, Stan is still alive, then reiterates that him and Grace are both single with no kids. The next day, Will is sitting at the table and Grace is getting something out of the fridge. She asks him if he is writing another angry letter to that congressman.

Apparently this congressman and Will have completely different political views, but Will is interested in him romantically. Grace and Will talk about how they can’t stand people like the congressman and then Grace gets a voicemail from Karen who continuously throws the election in her face. Karen is clearly pro-Trump and also friends with his wife Melania. Grace is getting fed up with Karen gloating about his win around the office. She decides that she is going to put her foot down when it comes to her politics in the office.

After Grace goes to the office, Will and Jack are talking about the congressman and how Will is interested by they have completely different political views. Jack tells him that it doesn’t matter and then starts snooping through the congressman’s schedule and finds that he is speaking at the White House and gets Will in to see him.

Grace is at the office talking to Tony and she starts asking him if there is anything that Karen does in the office that offends her. He beats around the question but then tells her that there isn’t anything that Karen does that offends him. She tells him just to let her know if she should offend him in any way. Grace then goes in to have a serious talk with Karen and right after she tells Karen she has to lay off the politics in the office, Karen tells Grace she got her a job redecorating the Oval Office.

Grace wants to turn down the job because of her political views, she thinks that she would be a hypocrite for taking the job, but takes it anyways. They cut to Will and Jack at the congressman’s speech at the White House and Grace and Karen in the Oval Office. The congressman comes over to talk to Will and is being super flirty with him. Will then giggles like a school girl in front of him. Jack warned him not to do that moments before and Will swore that he never does that.

Karen and Grace are in the Oval Office going over swatches and Karen is getting a drink poured. There are a lot of witty one liners, most of them about politics. Grace opens a box on the desk in the Oval and claims there is a Russian-English dictionary and a fidget spinner in there. Grace looks at swatches and tells Karen to hold on she needs to make sure that the colors will go well with his coloring and then opens a bag of Cheetos.

Grace asks the man pouring Karen’s drink what’s going on outside and he tells her that there is an energy talk by the congressman that Will has been writing. She then looks over and realizes that Will is outside! Will is getting a tour of the White House and the girl giving him the tour tells him that they will start in the Oval Office but warns that there is a decorator in there. He makes a joke about how whoever took that job being a fool because it will just need to be redone in a year and then he sees Grace standing in the window.

When Will joins Grace in the Oval Office they get into a pillow fight which gets them kicked out of the White House. Jack and Karen stayed at the White House overnight, but Jack wasn’t complaining. He got to spend the night with a hunky Secret Service Agent that he knows.

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