Grey’s Anatomy 2017 Recap: Season 14 Premiere – Break Down the House

Tonight we will watch not one, but two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to kick off season 14! We left off last season with a lot of questions and some of those will be answered tonight! Keep refreshing this page for my Grey’s Anatomy 2017 recap to get all the details of the first part of the season 14 premiere right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Grey’s Anatomy 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Grey’s Anatomy season 14 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 14 off with Megan being dropped off at the hospital via helicopter. Owen is there to greet her and she pretends like she doesn’t remember him, but she can’t keep a straight face. When she gets into a room, Riggs comes to see her for the first time.

Meanwhile, Bailey is giving everyone an update about which areas of the hospital to avoid until proper repairs are made. Amelia is planning to work even though Owen and Riggs are going to take some time off. Meanwhile, Riggs is running some tests on Megan when Meredith
walks in to see how everything is going with Megan and him considering his fiancee is alive.

Bailey and Webber are looking at Megan’s scans, she has a pretty nasty abdominal wound that needs to be treated. While Meredith tells Megan about a procedure she would like to try, Megan tells her that she is all for it. Even though it’s risky and then drops a bomb on everyone. She tells Owen, Riggs, Bailey, Meredith, Weber and her mother that when she is healed she needs to go back to Iraq. She tells everyone that she has a child there!

She then tells everyone that she has a son in Iraq that she took in after his parents were killed. He is 10 and she is the only parent he has known since he was four. Meanwhile, Jo is talking to Warren about Stephanie and Alex walks up and asks her to come with him. He takes her to see one of his 7 year old patients named Max and Alex has her read his chart. Max tells her that she looks like a warrior princess on the cover of one of his comics. Alex then tells Jo she will be doing his procedure.

Meanwhile Webber gets stuck with Eliza’s fourth year interns and he isn’t too happy about it at all. They see a patient come in who was hit by an SUV and one of them faints and another screams nonstop. April tells him to get them out. Arizona goes to see Eliza, but she won’t answer the door. She goes to turn the doorknob and the door is unlocked. She goes in and there is a moving crew inside and no sign of Eliza.

Owen is getting Megan a coffee when he gets a visit from an old friend, Teddy! Remember her? They are all talking in Megan’s room now and Amelia walks in to grab Avery who is putting some injections into Megan’s wound. A little later we see as Megan goes in for her procedure and Riggs is in the gallery looking on. Meanwhile, Owen is having a panic attack and Teddy walks in to coach him through breathing exercises. He is nervous that he is going to lose his sister again. She has her arms around the back of his neck and is rubbing his head while he breaths when Amelia walks by and sees this. She keeps walking.

It is time for Max’s procedure and Webber is bringing his interns in and while they are observing, one of them leans over Max and his glasses fall into Max’s open abdomen. Meanwhile, Meredith is getting an earful from Teddy who just found out that Riggs and Meredith were a thing until he got the call about Megan. She doesn’t think that it is appropriate for Meredith to be doing her procedure. Amelia steps in and tells Teddy that she doesn’t get to talk to her like that. She doesn’t get to come in and act like she runs the place. Teddy implies to Meredith that if she is going to continue to be Megan’s doctor, then she needs to tell Megan about her history with Riggs.

There ends up being a huge chat about this with Owen, Teddy, Riggs and then Maggie was in the bathroom too. She puts her two cents into the conversation and tells Riggs that he should be honest with Megan because she deserves to know. Maggie then goes to talk to Avery about the night of the fire when April told her that Avery clearly had a thing for her.

Riggs goes to talk to Megan, but Meredith beat him to it and Megan tells him that they still need a minute and he knows that he is caught. Megan asks Mere if she is a mother, she tells her that she is. Megan then tells her that she needs to get back to her son and Mere tells her that she wants to do everything in her power to make sure that happens. Megan then tells Mere that Riggs has great taste in women and Mere tells her “he sure does.”

Mere is going into Megan’s procedure and Amelia is doing a tumor resection from a young man’s jaw, regardless of Avery telling her it can’t be done. Meanwhile, Arizona is talking to a woman at the bar about being ghosted by Eliza. Jo is at the bar with Alex and DeLuca comes up and Jo makes it really awkward thinking it was about Alex, when it was him being worried about Amelia.

You know that woman at the bar, turns out it’s DeLuca’s sister, Jo is having sex with the intern that dropped his glasses in her patient and Mere runs into an issue during Megan’s procedure. There isn’t enough tissue for her to close the wound.

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