Grey’s Anatomy 2017 Recap: Episode 2 – Get Off on the Pain

Now that we have watched the first half of the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere, here is what happened in the second half of tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy 2017! Keep refreshing this page for all the details and if you missed the first half of tonight’s season premiere, you could find part one of my recap right here! 

SPOILER ALERT: Grey’s Anatomy 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Grey’s Anatomy season 14 do NOT read ahead!

Meredith is pissed because she couldn’t close Megan’s abdomen. After DeLuca is done screaming at his sister for trying to sleep with Arizona, he leaves and they go back to what they were doing. Jo is sneaking out of the interns house, Mere, Maggie and Alex are talking about Megan. Mere is beating herself up and Alex says something that triggers an idea. She goes back to the hospital and mentions wanting to do a partial abdomen transplant!

Jo is telling Warren about the intern and Alex was standing right behind her when she tells him. Alex laughs hysterically at her. Meredith brings up her idea about an abdominal transplant. Owen and Megan’s mom isn’t too thrilled about the idea, but Megan wants to do it. Meanwhile, DeLuca’s sister is talking to Bailey and Arizona is wondering why. DeLuca tells her that she is an OB-GYN and is looking for a job. She specifically studies the woman’s brain before, during and after orgasm. Bailey asks her if she wants woman to masturbate in her MRI machine so she can study their brains and she tells her, “yes.”Bailey gives her a job.

Meredith has Webber’s interns looking for a donor for Megan’s procedure. She tells them the first one to find a match can scrub in, but they all look confused. They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. She yells for them to go and they all scramble. Meanwhile, Amelia and Avery are in Bailey’s office arguing over her procedure to remove that jaw tumor. Meredith then comes in and tells Avery she could use his help with her abdominal wall transplant.

The intern that Jo slept with goes up to her to ask her the right way to approach the parents of a potential donor. He tells her that if this checks out he could scrub in. Well, Jo poaches the patient from him and takes it to Mere and is told that she could scrub in if the patient is a match and clean of diseases. Right in front of the intern.

Megan, TeddyOwen and their mother are talking about Owen’s marriage. The reason they are having this conversation is because Megan is worried about what will happen with her son if she dies. She wants Owen to make him, move wherever he needs to and take care of him is she dies. Riggs then comes in and asks for some time alone with Megan. This is because he wants to propose again, the right way, but Mere runs in to tell her that they have a match! Mere realizes that she interrupted something and it hits her kind of hard.

Megan is brought into surgery and Owen decides that he is going to go talk to Amelia and tells her that he is concerned. He thinks that the AA meetings aren’t enough, he thinks that she might needs help. Amelia realizes that this is coming out because Teddy, Megan and his mother don’t like her. She then tells him that if he wants Teddy as much as she wants him, go for it.

Meredith and Jo are scrubbing in on Megan’s surgery and beginning the procedure. Avery is there to help out and the rest of the team is in the gallery watching Mere and her team. Warren goes to Alex with some of the things that Jo has been talking to him about. He tells Alex that Jo is afraid of him. He is worried that he will hurt her the way he hurt DeLuca.

Amelia sends DeLuca into the procedure with Grey to get Avery, but Avery tells him he is busy at the moment. DeLuca tells him that she has that patient with the tumor in his jaw on the table and….Avery is pissed! He goes in there and she tells him that he said he wouldn’t take the jaw apart, she needs him to put it back together. She says something about being good at Legos, but not being able to get this piece of bone to fit. She seems a little delusional.

Megan’s procedure was a success and she is awake. She wants to see her new abdomen and Teddy shows it to her. Amelia’s patient is awake too and he is thrilled that he isn’t in any pain. Avery isn’t happy she did it knowing the risks. Avery goes home to April who is finally being honest about her feelings for him. She is telling him that their relationship, the way that it is, it’s causing her pain. She then tells him that she thinks that it will be best for her to move out.

Teddy and Owen are talking and he tells her that he tried to talk to Amelia, but it didn’t go over well. He then tells her that Amelia doesn’t want to be married to him. He then tells her that Amelia said….he then kisses Teddy. She stops him and tells him that he is her favorite person in the world and if they are meant to be more, it can’t start this way. It can’t start with him cheating on his wife. Amelia decides to go see DeLuca’s sister and volunteer her time.

Alex goes to talk to Jo. He starts the conversation with telling her that he found her husband, he looked him up and went to go see him. He then tells her that he knows it was wrong. He then tells her that he would never do anything to hurt her. She then realizes that he went and saw her husband and didn’t kill him. Alex tells her that he saw him and then came home. She then locks the door.

Mere is leaving when she finds Riggs outside and he is upset. Mere asks him what he’s doing outside and he tells her that Megan doesn’t want to be with him. She thinks that he is still in love with Mere. Amelia sees an MRI when she is done volunteering her time to DeLuca’s sister’s study. She doesn’t realize that the scan she is looking at is hers. There is a tumor on the scan she is looking at.

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