Chicago Fire 2017 Recap: Season 6 Premiere – It Wasn’t Enough

Well ChiHards it is time for Chicago Fire season 6 to officially begin and we will finally get the answers to the questions that season 5 left us with! Are you ready to find out? Do you have your tissues ready? Here we go! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s
Chicago Fire season 6 premiere!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago Fire 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Chicago Fire season 6 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Boden making a tough decision to open the water cannons even though the firefighters caught inside could end up boiled. Severide is the first one we see, Herrmann is still working on Mouch who had a heart attack. Boden finds Casey, but he isn’t responding. Just when we think he didn’t make it out alive, we see a medal presentation for him in the next scene. We find out that no one died in the warehouse fire!

When Casey and Dawson get back to their house, Dawson’s father has packed his stuff and tells them that he will be getting out of their hair. Dawson insists that he can stay, but he tells her that he has already made up his mind. Mouch returns to the firehouse after being laid up after his heart attack.

Meanwhile, Kidd gets a visit from her landlord who is threatening to kick her out of her apartment if she doesn’t pay rent. She tells him she will pay the rent if he fixes her fridge. He tells her that if she doesn’t pay her rent this week, she will be sorry. Meanwhile, Boden is talking to Casey and Severide in his office when Donna walks in and she is bringing him a pass to be able to pick their son up from school before she heads to work.

Brett is telling Kidd, Herrmann, Cruz and Otis that her friend is coming to meet them and she walks up moments later. Severide can’t stop staring at her even while Mouch is trying to talk to him about his workout routine. The talk earlier with Casey, Severide and Boden was about the higher ups looking at Casey for a promotion. Casey tells Dawson that he isn’t looking for anything like that, he likes where he is. She clearly wants him to be promoted so that he isn’t in harms way.

Severide and Casey are on the roof smoking cigars and chatting when a man comes running towards the fire house holding a little girl who is non-responsive and bleeding from her tear ducts. The father tells Dawson and Brett that the little girl was eating and then she stopped breathing and her eyes started to bleed. They figure she is choking on something and Brett and Dawson are able to get it out and she is breathing and talking.

Brett and her friend Hope are at Molly’s and Hope is staring at Severide pretty hard. Brett tries to tell her that Severide just lost his girlfriend to cancer and before she thinks she can be his shoulder to cry on, he has already been comforted by half the women in Chicago. She goes as far and taking his phone off the bar when he goes to the men’s room and puts her phone number in it. She then brings him his phone and tells him that she did that and he can text her anytime. A little forward if you ask me.

Dawson is working at Molly’s when her father walks in and he is asking her why she hasn’t been to see the chaplain lately. He tells her that if there are still cracks in her foundation with Casey because of him saying goodbye to her while he was in the warehouse, she needs to repair them. He tells her if she doesn’t, her foundation could come crumbling down.

The next day the Chaplain comes by the firehouse looking for Dawson, she hears him come in and decides to hide from him instead of talking to him. Meanwhile, 81 and 61 are called to a local high school for a fire and Boden realizes that it’s the same school Donna works at. When they get there the team goes in to evacuate the building quickly and are instructed not to stop unless someone is down. Boden asks if anyone has seen Donna and he is told that she was running towards the fire which started in the chemistry lab.

Severide gets to the lab and finds some students inside, one of them is pulling another out, Severide steps in to put out the fire on the legs of the student being pulled. Boden is yelling out for Donna and they find her in the lab. When he goes in for her, there is a back draft that pushes him to the floor. Boden gets back up and goes into the lab with Casey and they get Donna and the three students she was with out. She tells them that the chemistry teacher is still in there and Casey goes back in for her.

Severide and Casey get her out of the school and Dawson and Brett start to work on her. She is severely burned, but they are able to intubate her. Donna goes with her to the hospital and they get word that the fire is out and everyone was accounted for. Mouch tells everyone that he signed them all up for the Fire Fighter Muster and they all look at him funny and blow it off.

He tells them that he needs this. He then tells them that no one but Herrmann knows this, but he was going to walk off the job before the warehouse fire. He then tells them that when his heart stopped and he was on the floor of that burning building he just kept thinking about how he didn’t have enough time. Enough time with Trudy, enough time with all of them.

Severide is leaving the fire house and he texts Hope and asks her if she is around. We then get a look at Brett and Hope getting ready to go out and she is texting back and forth with Severide. When Brett asks who she is talking to, she tells her it’s her mom. Severide then gets a knock on his door. It’s Kidd with her bags and he invites her in. She is apparently going to be crashing on his couch for a few weeks.

Dawson and Casey are getting ready to go out to dinner and then they start talking about how her father got the job. She then blurts out “don’t you ever say good bye to be again.” She then tells him that she understands that he will never stop running into burning buildings or putting his life on the line, but if he tells her that he will always come back to her, she will believe him. He tells her that he will always come home to her.

Donna is updating everyone at the hospital on the condition of the chemistry teacher, Mrs. Wagner and she tells them that Mrs. Wagner was brought in for a second surgery and she is still critical. She then asks for continued prayers. She goes up to Boden and tells him that the fire wasn’t an accident.

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