Chicago Fire 2017 Preview: Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Tonight we will finally get the answers to all of those questions we have been asking since the season finale of Chicago Fire. We will find out who survives the warehouse fire, who dies and how within the first few minutes of the show. The show will then fast forward to a few months after the fire.

In the promos and videos I’ve seen we get a look at who has survived the fire, but they have strategically cut certain cast members out to keep us guessing. In this promo video below we see Herrmann, Otis, Cruz, Kidd, Brett and Severide. Some of them were inside the building, some of them were outside the building and we know that at least these cast members have survived.

We don’t see some of the key cast members like Casey, Dawson, Mouch, Boden or some of the members of Squad who were also trapped in the warehouse. I know I’m shaking just thinking of the possibilities because I don’t want to see any of the cast members to leave, but we know that someone doesn’t survive that fire.

Here is a sneak peek of Brett telling some of the others that one of her best childhood friends is in town for a visit. Based on who we don’t see in this sneak peek, who do you think we will have to say good-bye to in the Chicago Fire season 6 premiere?

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