Survivor 2017 Recap: Season 35 Premiere – I’m Not Crazy, I’m Confident

Tonight we will meet the 18 castaways on Survivor season 35 who are split up into three tribes. Heroes versus healers versus hustlers is the theme this season and the tribe names are Levu, Soko and Kawa. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s Survivor season 35 premiere!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the castaways and we find a out a little bit about each of them. They all get their buffs and then they are told that they have to get as many of the supplies from the boat they are on to the boat they will be taking to the island. When Jeff rings the bell, they all have to get into their teams boat and get to the island. When they get there they will have to light a huge torch on the island. The first tribe to get their fire lit will win a huge fire making kit, the second tribe will get flint and the third tribe will get nothing.

Healers get the bit fire making kit and Heroes get the flint, Hustlers lost and got nothing. They all then have to get back to their boats and head to their campsites. Healers campsite will already have a fire going and they are pretty excited about being able to win that first challenge. They are all chatting about how because they are healers, they have really good communication skills and that’s why they were able to pull out the win.

Heroes were able to get their fire going pretty quickly with the help of the flint that they won and they are all working on building their shelter. Some of the members of this tribe are already talking about creating an alliance. The Hustlers are working on getting things put together, one of their members finds a super immunity idol on the ship. What this means is, he can use the idol after the votes are read, it can only be used at the first tribal counsil. If the Hustlers pull out a win then he has to pass it to someone on the losing team. Where the idol is coming from will be anonymous.

Meanwhile, Mike on the Healers is looking for an immunity idol and Joe confronts him about it and he of course denies it. Ryan is the one on the Hustlers with the super immunity idol and he tells Devon he would be willing to use it on him if it came down to it. He gains Devon’s trust by doing it. Meanwhile, Alan on the Heroes is freaking out about JP having an immunity idol, but he doesn’t. JP literally striped to prove it to him too.

It is Immunity Challenge time! The tribes will race to the top of a cargo net, go down a ramp in a mine car and then they will have to do puzzles. The winner will get immunity, the loser will go to tribal council. Heroes were first to the puzzle, Hustlers were second and Healers were last. They pick their puzzles and start dragging them up a wall to their station where they can start solving it. They all get to the top with their puzzles and the Healers get their first ball. Hustlers get their first ball, two more to go. Heroes get their first one. Healers get their second ball, Heroes get their second and then the Huslters.

Healers win immunity after getting their third ball in it’s hole! Hustlers get their third ball in and also win immunity and flint. Heroes will go to Tribal Council and Chrissy drops to her knees. She gets sick, but says she is okay. Ryan now has to decide who he wants to give the super immunity idol to in the Heroes tribe.

Everyone on the Heroes is nervous that they are the ones that are targets. Alan or Chrissy will most likely be sent home, but Katrina is another option. Chrissy finds a weird package in her bag, we know it’s the super immunity idol and she couldn’t be more happy about finding it.

It is time for Tribal Council, how will the votes go this week? Will Chrissy need to use the super immunity idol? I guess we will find out! They talk about Alan making JP strip to prove he didn’t have an idol and there was talk about whether there is a power couple in the group already between JP and Ashley. It is time to vote now. Jeff reads off the votes and they are:

  • Katrina
  • Ashley
  • Katrina
  • Katrina
  • Katrina

With four votes, Katrina is voted off the island and Chrissy doesn’t use the super immunity idol to save her.

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