Law & Order: SVU 2017 Recap: Season 19 Premiere – Gone Fishin’

Tonight’s episode of Law & Order: SVU season 19 started off with Fin catching a fugitive rapist down in Cuba. His tactics in doing so are later questioned, but he got him back to the US to stand trial nonetheless. Meanwhile, Benson is dealing with something at Noah’s school and gets a surprise visit from an old friend. Keep reading to find out what happened tonight on Law & Order: SVU 2017!

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order: SVU 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 19 do NOT read ahead!

The episode started off with us getting a look at Byron Marks, a man wanted for the rape of three different women in New York. He is saying goodbye to his wife and daughter before heading to his job as an English tutor at a school in Havana. After drinking his morning cup of coffee, he goes to leave the cafe and gets abducted and thrown into the back of a van by mysterious men. Once inside the van, Marks is greeted by Fin.

Meanwhile in New York City, Benson is walking Noah to school and he doesn’t seem too excited about having to go. He makes a comment to Benson about how he wished Lucy, his nanny, was his mommy and not her. They get to the corner and right before they go to cross the street, Benson’s phone rings. She goes to answer it and we see the walk signal appear signalling them that it is safe to walk. Noah steps off the curb while Benson is still talking to whoever is on the other end of the phone and a taxi comes speeding down the street. Benson grabs on to Noah’s arm and pulls him back onto the sidewalk and gives him a huge hug and tells him he’s okay, everything is okay.

Benson gets to the office and gets a call from Noah’s school about a bruise on his arm, she tells them that she has no idea where it came from and suggests maybe another kid in his class. She is completely forgetting about what happened earlier when she grabbed his arm to pull him out of harms way. While she is on the phone Fin walks in with Marks in cuffs. She tells the school that she has to go and instructs them to put Marks in an interview room.

During the course of the episode we watched as all three victims backed out of testifying. None of them want to relive what happened to them during a grueling trial. The third victim, Carla, decides to go against her husband’s wishes and shows up to SVU telling Benson that she wants to nail him to a wall. This would have been find if Fin’s tactics when taking Marks into custody didn’t start getting questioned.

After a judge heard all the details of Fin’s arrest, including leaving Marks in the back of a van for four hours on a hot day in Cuba, he ruled that the trial would still happen. The defense attorney, Mr. Dwarkin, then turns to a member of the Cuban government who demands Marks be released because Fin broke Cuban laws to get him back here.

Benson goes to Noah’s school and meets with his teacher face to face because Noah had told the school nurse that Benson gave him the bruise. She is still forgetting about grabbing his arm to stop him from being hit by the taxi. She tells the teacher that she would never do that to her son. The teacher asks Benson about how stressful her job is and insinuates that she could have lashed out at Noah because of that. Benson later has a conversation with Noah about how important it is to tell the truth and he tells her that he did tell the truth. She asks him “I gave you that bruise?” He tells her she did and then reminds her of the incident with the taxi. She tells him that he did the right thing by telling the truth, but he needs to make sure he tells the whole story.

Meanwhile, Marks has been released from custody and him, his wife and Mr. Dwarkin are at a diner eating. Rollins and Carisi have been told to follow him to make sure that he shows up for court the next day. While in the diner, he gets up to use the bathroom and when he doesn’t come back right away, Rollins and Carisi go in to make sure he is still inside.

Dworkin accuses them of harassment, but then tells him that his client isn’t anywhere to be found. When Carisi looks out the back door, he sees an SUV leaving the alley behind the diner. They go back and tell Benson who is trying to figure out where he could go without his passport which was taken by the court. She then realizes that he probably went to Carla’s house.

Benson rushes over there to find Marks sitting on the couch with Carla pointing a revolver at him. After a brief conversation, Benson is able to take the gun from her and arrest Marks for attempted witness tampering. Benson and Barba are talking about what happened when Benson has an idea. She brings Carla in to get her statement and then has her sit in the same room with Marks’ wife, Elana. She goes into details about what Marks did to her and tells his wife all these horrible things. She does so in front of Benson, Dworkin, Barba and the man from the Cuban government.

Benson then develops a connection with Elana when they talk about their children. Benson then asks if this is the type of man she wants around her four-year-old daughter, Teresa, and she tells Benson that she doesn’t want him to come back to Cuba with her. The man from the Cuban government agrees to withdraw his petition if she recants her earlier character witness testimony from the hearing.

Dworkin then asks Barba is he would be willing to talk about a deal. Barba tells him “as long as he does double digits and the first one is a 2” and they walk out of the room together. Benson tells Carla that she did it, holds her hand and Carla asks when the closure starts. We closed out the episode with Benson at home with Noah having ice cream when all of a sudden someone is at the door. She goes to the door to find Cassidy standing there.

They have a little bit a small talk and he tells her that retirement wasn’t for him. Tells her that he landed a job with the DA’s office as an investigator and he was working a child abuse case that SVU had to recuse themselves from. She asks him why? He then tells her that he was brought in to investigate her for the incident with Noah. Make sure you come back next week to find out what happens when the investigation into Benson begins!

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