Chicago PD 2017 Recap: Season 5 Premiere – Reform

Tonight’s Chicago PD season 5 premiere started with Voight talking to a therapist about Lindsay leaving and him feeling depressed about it. While we listened to him talk we got a look at Halstead who was walking through Lindsay’s empty apartment and comes across a picture of the two of them. If you want more details of tonight’s episode of Chicago PD, keep reading my full recap right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago PD 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Chicago PD season 5 do NOT read ahead!

Voight gets a call while talking to the therapist and tells her he has to go. He goes to meet with an informant and has Olinsky and a judge in the car with him. They are getting a warrant signed based on information that the informant gave to Olinsky and Voight. We then see as the Intelligence Unit goes over their plan for this gun bust they have gotten intel on.

Burgess tells them that they have two men, one white and one hispanic entering the front of the building and the team goes in. While Halstead and Upton get to the door, there is a shotgun blast through it. They open the door and go after the men inside. There are shots fired back and forth, two civilians down outside and then when Halstead enters a nearby building, they find a little girl on the floor bleeding.

Upton picks up the little girl and her and Halstead get her to the hospital. Dr. Will Halstead tells Halstead and Upton that the little girl is in bad shape, but they are doing everything they can. They then find out that one of the other two civilians caught in the crossfire was dead on arrival. There was a man who was grazed by a bullet in the leg, he is still there but claims that he is still in shock and doesn’t want to talk to them right now.

Meanwhile, Olinsky and Burgess are getting information on the investigation from the uniform officers at the scene when a man walks up demanding information. When Olinsky refuses to answer questions from this man, Burgess chimes in and tells him that two gangbangers opened fire on police and killed a young woman and critically injured the little girl. He seems a little annoyed that they are planting this on the gangbangers without their investigation being finished. Lugo shows up and tells them that Alderman Price is an old friend and important member of the community.

Halstead and Upton locate the little girl’s mother at her job, they pull her aside and tell her that her daughter was shot and is being treated at Med. They offer to give her a ride and tells her that they aren’t sure who shot her little girl, but they are going to do everything they can to find them.

After dropping the mother off at the hospital, Halstead fills Voight in. Voight tells him to close the door and tells him that the ballistics report came back and the bullet retrieved from the little girl was a 9mm. Halstead looks confused because the assailants had 45 caliber weapons. Halstead realizes that it was him that shot the little girl. Voight brings Halstead to ballistics to have his gun tested. It was confirmed that it was Halstead’s weapon. Halstead tells Voight that it was impossible.

Atwater and Ruzek get some information from a woman who runs a mortuary. She tells them that a young man with a bullet wound to the abdomen came in to get stitched up. She explains how there is no paperwork that way. She didn’t get any information from him, but she was able to get a license plate number. They think it might have been the suspect that fled after being shot by Halstead. They run it and get an address on the registration. They bring a team and give them the description of the young man.

Ruzek and Atwater go to the address and find a young woman home alone and she explains that her car was stolen the night before. She just filed a police report two hours ago and hands them a case number. They ask her if she heard anything about the shooting and she tells them she heard some people got shot because the police screwed up. When they are leaving the building, they see a young man fitting the description of the guy they are looking for.

Ruzek and Atwater ask the man to stop, he is with his son and when the man goes to reach into his pocket for his phone, Ruzek draws his weapon. The man tells them that he was just reaching for his phone because he wants his son to record this interaction, continues to go for his phone and Ruzek yells at him to stop. Atwater asks the young man if he was shot earlier today and he tells him no, Atwater then asks the young man to lift his shirt a few inches for them. The young man does it after yelling for a neighbor to record what he was doing. There was no sign of a bullet wound and Atwater apologizes to him for the misunderstanding and tells them they are good to go.

Lugo, Woods and Voight are talking in Voight’s office about how this was a PR nightmare when they thought it was gangbangers who did the shooting, but now it’s worse knowing it was a white cop. Voight tells them that there was no way of them knowing it was Halstead’s weapon that fired the shot that hit the little girl. He fired one shot and it went into one of the suspects before he fled the scene. Voight is then asked what his team was doing engaging in a dangerous operation near a daycare center. Voight reminds them that it was an illegal daycare and they had no idea it was there. Voight is then told by Woods that there was only one DNA hit on the bullet and that was the little girls. Voight reminds him that DNA isn’t always collected when a bullet passes through someone.

Voight sees Halstead after his interview with the shooting team and he tells Voight he is trying to stay positive. Burgess walks over and he tells Burgess that he just left the hospital and his brother said the little girl had a good chance of surviving. She breaks the news to Halstead that the girl just died.

There were two suspects shot at the scene and Ruzek has dumped their phones. He found some texts to a burner about a meeting for the gun deal. The burner was traced to a guy nicknamed “Lil GG” and Upton and Ruzek head to the store he bought it at. While Ruzek is talking to the man who owns the store, the wife is looking at Upton like she knows something, but can’t say it in front of her husband. Upton tells Ruzek they had the wrong store and leave. The wife called Upton and told her that Lil GG’s real name is Calvin Shaw.

Voight sends Ruzek, Upton, Burgess and Atwater to pay him a visit. Voight tells Halstead to go home, before he leaves he asks Voight if he’s heard from Lindsay, Voight tells him that he hasn’t and Halstead tells him he left her a message but hasn’t heard back. He then asks Voight if she is coming back and Voight tells him it’s probably best that he makes peace with her leaving.

They find Lil GG dead at his house, he didn’t have a bullet wound to his stomach so he wasn’t the guy who Halstead shot. They find a connection between Lil GG and the man at the hospital that was shot in the leg and didn’t want to cooperate. Voight has him brought in, but he won’t talk and asks for a lawyer. The alderman shows up and tells Voight that he needs to release that man and they do.

Platt finds all sorts of outrage on the internet about Halstead not being fired and charged with that little girls death. They are also calling him a racist. Voight meets with the Alderman again and they talk about Halstead making those headlines and Voight accuses the Alderman of making them up. The Alderman makes it very known that he plans on making Halstead pay for all those young men, women and children of color who have been shot by police in Chicago.

Voight goes to meet with the man who had ties with Lil GG. He has realized that this man was a lookout for a gun deal that turned into a double homicide. He tells the man if he doesn’t want to go down for those murders, he should start talking. Antonio and Ruzek go undercover to try and get a confession out of the guy who’s name was dropped by the lookout. Atwater is inside the bar where they are meeting with the guy named Marcus. They have to stage a fight when Atwater almost gets made. They get enough on the wire to arrest Marcus. Marcus also knows the Alderman, his gang donates to his campaign.

The Alderman agrees to lay off Halstead if Voight lays off the lookout. He is the brains of all the money making. He has never hurt anyone just focuses on making money. The Alderman tells him he could bury Marcus for the shootings. We end the episode off with Antonio and Burgess having a drink when Voight walks in to talk to him. Ruzek comes up to Burgess and asks her if later they can…she cuts him off and tells him she met someone. Voight offers Antonio his job at Intelligence back.

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