This Is Us 2017 Recap: Season 2 Premiere – A Father’s Advice

Tonight is the night that all This Is Us fans have been waiting for! The This Is Us season 2 premiere! Tonight’s episode of This Is Us 2017 kicks off on Kate, Kevin and Randall’s birthday and each of them are contemplating some life changing decisions. Kate is thinking about a career change, Kevin is trying to figure out how to balance work and his relationship and Randall and Beth are considering adopting a child. Keep refreshing this page for all the details of the This Is Us season 2 premiere!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with a look back at when Rebecca goes to get the kids the day after her big fight with Jack. They all meet Jack at a diner to talk about the fight between Jack and Ben and how she left the tour. They then tell the kids that Jack will be staying with Miguel for a couple days. They are all extremely upset and storm out of the diner. Jack tells Rebecca that they will be fine, they all will be and goes to hold her hand, but she pulls away.

Present time we see as Kate and Toby are celebrating her birthday and him telling her that she is going to nail her audition. Kevin gets a cake with his face on it from his co-workers and Randall being excited about something going on later that afternoon. He tells Beth that it’s going to be the best birthday present ever, but Beth doesn’t seem too excited.

Back in time, Jack is telling Miguel about what happened at the diner. Miguel tells him that they make each other better and Jack tells him that she is going to call. Miguel tells him that he is going to the office to get a jumpstart on the week and asks him to come with him, but he tells her he wants to be alone. Rebecca is having dinner with the kids and then decides that they are all going out for dinner and then she decides they are going to the movies.

Back in present time, Beth and Randall are talking to a woman at the adoption agency and Beth makes some snippy comments about Randall’s want to adopt. She then leaves the office and when Randall comes out to talk to her he tells her that his want to adopt isn’t going away and that she needs to get her head around it. She gives him a look and walks away. He tries to stop her but she tells him that she isn’t throwing down in an adoption agency parking lot and walks away.

Kate is waiting for her audition and sees a bunch of skinny women walk in and you can tell that she is starting to get discouraged that she might not be good enough because she doesn’t look like them. The woman running the audition comes out and tells them that they will be there into the night, but that it will be worth it because it is a big opportunity. We then see Kate walking out of the audition.

We get a look at Rebecca and the kids at the movies and we also see that Randall saw the fight between Rebecca and Jack after Jack’s fight with Ben. Back in present day, Randall goes to talk to Rebecca and tells her that Beth is having a hard time with the adoption. She tells him that she thought Beth was on board. He then asks her how she knew and she is honest with him. She tells him that at first she said no and Jack kept pushing.

She tells him that their marriage wasn’t perfect, none of them are. She then tells him that his father wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn close. She then tells him that he pushed her, he pushed a stranger onto her and that stranger became her child and that child became her life. He became Randall.

We then see Beth talking to William before he died and then back to present time, Beth is sitting in the same park from the flashback. Kate and Toby meet up with Kevin for dinner. Toby tells Kate that he is proud of her but she tells him that she bailed. Kevin tells him that he had the same reaction when she told him earlier. Toby gets upset because Kate didn’t tell him earlier. You can tells he is kind of jealous that she tells Kevin everything before she tells him.

Randall goes to talk to Beth and tells him about the conversation that he had with his mother. He then apologizes to her and while he is rambling, she stops him and asks if she can take him somewhere. Toby is sitting outside the restaurant and Kevin comes out and they argue a little about how Toby thinks that he should be her person, not Kevin. Kate comes out and yells at both of them and walks away. When they ask her where she is going she tells them that she is going back to the audition to “wipe the floor with those bitches.” She then tells them not to follow her, but they don’t listen.

We get a flashback look at Jack trying to get Rebecca a solo gig, but he is turned down by the owner and tells Jack that he is embarrassing him and his wife. Back to present day, Beth brings Randall to the park her and William went to in her flashback. She gives him a book of William’s poems that she had bound for him and then tells him what she wants to do as far as adopting. She tells him that what his parents did for him was amazing and that his life could have been very different without them. She then tells him that she wants to make a difference in a kids life, an older child who needs guidance. She wants to take in a troubled teenager instead of adopting a baby.

Kate walks in as the auditions ended, but they agree to hear her sing. They ask her what song she will be singing and she tells them “Nothing Compares” They stop her only a couple lines into the song and she goes to walk out and then she stops and tells them that she isn’t going to allow them to push her out the door because she isn’t a size two. The man standing there calls a girl named Amber up to the mic and she is a lot better than Kate was and he tells Kate that he doesn’t care what size she wears, she isn’t good enough. He then explains that Amber was demoted to backup singer because she wasn’t good enough.

Toby and Kevin are talking about how Toby needs him to back off a little and allow him to be Kate’s person. When Kate leaves the audition, Kevin tells her that he is going to leave. When he walks out he finds his girlfriend, who bailed on him earlier because her mom had an MS episode.

We get a flashback of Rebecca going to Miguel’s to tell Jack that she tells him that she shouldn’t have let him leave because that’s not what they do. She tells him that he isn’t his father, he isn’t a drunk and that’s when he stops her. He tells her that he is drunk right now, he has been drunk all day, he has been drunk everyday for weeks. He tells her that he has a problem and he has been hiding it from her and the kids for a long time. He then tells her that he needs to fix it, on his own and shuts the door in her face. She then knocks on the door and tells him to get in the car. She tells him that he is her husband and she is his wife and if he has a problem they will fix it together.

She just needs him to get in the car so they can go home. They get into the car and Rebecca tells Jack that everything will be fine and a few months from not everything will be back to normal. We then get a look at Rebecca driving her car alone with a bag of personal items in the passenger seat. Kate and Randall, she tells Randall that they need to find Kevin, he needs to hear this from her. They are at Miguel’s and we see Rebecca stopping in front of what looked like their house and it was burnt to the ground. Rebecca lets out a cry.

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