Lethal Weapon 2017 Recap: Season 2 Premiere – El Gringo Loco

Tonight on the Lethal Weapon season 2 premiere we will watch as Murtaugh follows Riggs to Mexico who is searching for his wife’s killer, Tito Flores. Meanwhile, Avery is getting questioned by Internal Affairs about the integrity of their department back in the States. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon 2017!

SPOILER ALERT: Lethal Weapon 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Lethal Weapon season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We start off tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon season 2 off with Murtaugh outside a hotel in Mexico. He believes that Riggs is inside, but he is on the phone with Trish and eating while staking it out. All of a sudden, a guy falls on top of a nearby car and it looks like it may have come from a hotel window.

Murtaugh hangs up with Trish and heads into the hotel. He finds a trail of bodies and a woman who is wrapping herself in a robe yelling “el gringo loco” as she runs by Murtaugh. Riggs is in a room with Flores tied to a chair and gagged with a .357 to his head. Murtaugh comes in just before Riggs pulls the trigger.

Murtaugh tries to talk Riggs down, but he doesn’t seem to be listening to him. Murtaugh yells “I love you” to Riggs and that gets him to drop the gun for a moment. Long enough for Riggs to realize that some of Flores’ men are out in the hallway. They are then involved in a shootout and after all of Flores’ men are dead, they arrest Flores and when they go to put him in the trunk of their car, Riggs slams the trunk door on Murtaugh’s hand.

Murtaugh ends up having to go to the hospital to have his finger reattached and when they get back to the US, Avery find out that they have Flores. When they go out to the car to get Flores out of the trunk, Flores has a bullet in his brain and no one has any idea who put it there. This comes at a really bad time because Avery is currently being questioned about the integrity of the division.

While being questioned, Riggs admits that he wanted Flores dead and he went down to Mexico to find him because Flores killed his wife, but he didn’t kill him. Riggs and Murtaugh are then placed on administrative leave effective immediately. Murtaugh tells Riggs that he thinks he told the nurse at the hospital that Flores was in the trunk and they should start there. Riggs tells him they were told not to go near the case and he doesn’t plan on going near the case.

Murtaugh goes home to find a party going on in his house and then Riggs goes to his trailer. Dr. Cahill shows up to Rigg’s trailer to check on him and find out why he is so ready to throw in the towel on his career. She also reminds him that it isn’t just his career and he then tells him that she is glad that he came back from Mexico.

Murtaugh decides to go talk to the nurse at the hospital and she has the door locked and hits the alarm. She tells Murtaugh that she knows who he is and that he needs to get out of there right now. He tells her that he is a cop, she tells him that she knows he kidnapped Flores and then killed him and that she already hit the alarm.

Just then, there are bright lights outside and it’s a bunch of men with automatic weapons there to kill the nurse, Murtaugh is able to talk her into letting him in and he asks her if there are any weapons in there. She hands him a needle which he ends up putting into one of the men’s feet when he finds Murtaugh hiding behind a curtain. Just then all of the other men are shot dead. We then see Riggs outside and he calls in to Murtaugh asking if he is dead in there. Murtaugh being Murtaugh yells back “Yes!”

Murtaugh is telling the nurse, Denise, that the men are probably part of Flores’ cartel. She then tells Murtaugh that she told her brother about how they had Flores in the trunk because he is a border patrol agent and she didn’t think that they were real cops. Murtaugh then calls Bailey to have her run the brother. He walks in right as she does so.

He confesses to killing Flores and Avery tells Murtaugh that he would show it to Internal Affairs so that he can be reinstated. Riggs goes to talk to him and he doesn’t seem convinced that he actually killed Flores. Riggs goes to talk to Murtaugh and tells him that he doesn’t think that the border patrol agent killed Flores.

While Avery is talking to AI trying to get Murtaugh reinstated when Bailey walks in to tell him that the border patrol agent, Barnes, didn’t kill Flores. Riggs and Murtaugh go to talk to Barnes and he is still sticking to him killing Flores, but Riggs is able to poke holes in Barnes’ story. They then find out from Barnes that Flores’ number two killed Flores and then made Barnes confess by threatening to kill Denise.

Riggs and Murtaugh decide that they are going to crash Flores’ funeral. Riggs accuses Raul, Flores’ number two, of killing Flores in front of all his cartel friends. Murtaugh is waiting to play the tape that Barnes said he had of the conversation with Raul when one of the cartel members comes in to kill Murtaugh. He does manage to get the tape to play, but that just puts Raul and Riggs in a hairy situation.

Raul promises to give Riggs everything he needs to take down the cartel and Riggs, Raul and Murtaugh all manage to escape the church where the funeral was being held. Avery is telling Murtaugh and Riggs all the adjectives that the police commissioner used to describe them in his report, but then tells them that they have been reinstated. If they want it.

The biggest question all episode was if Riggs was planning on sticking around or quitting the force. He takes his badge and gun and while in the elevator, Dr. Cahill gets on too. She tells him that she sees he is wearing his badge again and then tells him that she will see him in her office at 8am the next morning and he asks what they would talk about. She tells him it’s department’s orders, back on the force means back on her couch. We end the episode off with Riggs going to talk to Miranda’s grave. After the brief chat, he buries his wedding band at her grave.

Riggs then show up to Murtaugh’s house with tequila and Murtaugh is still trying to get Riggs to confess his feelings towards Murtaugh like Murtaugh did earlier in the episode. It didn’t happen he just listed other things he loves like guns and tequila.

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