Law & Order True Crime 2017 Recap: Series Premiere – The Menendez Murders

Tonight we will watch as a new Law & Order show hits the network television scene and this one is a Law & Order: True Crime show. This is an eight episode miniseries based on the Menendez murder case from 1989. Tonight we will see as Jose and Kitty Menendez are found murdered in their home and their son’s Erik and Lyle become the prime suspects. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details on tonight’s premiere of Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders!

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start the show off with a little bit of the trial where a lawyer is saying that her client was a victim of abuse and then it cuts to the night when Jose and Kitty Menendez were murdered. They were shot, close range with a shotgun in the living room of their home. We listen in as one of their son’s called 911 hysterical and trying to tell the operator what happened.

The police get there and we find out that the shotgun shells were found, looks like the killer took them. We then get a look at Lyle being questioned by detectives. Then Erik. They are both breaking down to the detectives what they were all doing when their parents were murdered. The detective then asks Lyle if he had any ideas about this and he tells the detective that his father owns a business and he just fired a bunch of people. He then tells him that his mother was suicidal, but had been more stable lately.

We get a look at the trial again and it’s of another boy who killed his father after being abused and fearing for his life. He received parole for his crime. Lyle and Erik get back to their house to get some of their stuff, tennis gear in particular and the detective is surprised that they are going on about their lives after their parents were just killed. Lyle tells the detective that Erik has practice and he tells them to come back in three hours and he will let them in.

After they leave the detective goes back into the house and one of the other detectives show him guns in the closet that have never been fired along with prescription drugs in Kitty’s name. They are for anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders. We then get a look at those detectives asking one of Jose’s employees some questions. They find out Jose ran a tight ship, Kitty was insecure and suffered from depression and Erik had a criminal history. Apparently Jose and Kitty owned land somewhere and they were going to build a house out there. They were planning on moving there because of Erik’s history with the police.

Jose’s company used to be owned by someone with mob ties, there was also an incident where Erik was beat up by gangbangers a couple years back. Meanwhile, Jose’s sister, Marta who gives Lyle a company credit card to hold them over until the estate is settled. Lyle uses it to go on a shopping spree for a new suit and watch.

He wears it to the funeral for his parents and the media is a circus. Lyle’s uncle tells him he shouldn’t have worn it. Erik seems genuinely upset, but Lyle doesn’t seem upset at all. We then get a look at the lawyer from earlier in the show and her husband. They are talking about becoming new parents when the news shifts to the Menendez Brothers. Her husband is talking about how they are trying to tie the case to the mob, but his wife says “no way, those boys did it.”

The detectives notice that the door was broken in and realize there would have been a draft. Erik mentions that they smelled gunpowder and smoke. They then call one of the other detectives in and asks if he did a gunshot residue test, but he tells them that he didn’t. We then see as Lyle is meeting with a friend of his, the detectives are talking to the other first that Lyle and Erik were supposed to meet with. His story doesn’t really match with what Lyle and Erik told them about that night.

The cousin, Henry, calls Erik to tell him that his father had been recording their phone conversations. After getting off the phone with him, he calls the family’s shrink and tells him he is worried about him. The doctor rushed him off the phone to tend to a patient who turns out to be his mistress.

The detectives get a call from a lawyer with a tip for them. He tells the detective they might want to go talk to one of Erik’s former classmates. They apparently did a screenplay together for an assignment and the story line of this screenplay is pretty similar to what just happened. It is about a kid who’s parents are killed and he inherits millions. He tells the detectives if they want to read it, he has a copy. He also tells them that Kitty helped them write it and the story line was Erik’s idea.

We get a look at Mrs. Abramson, the defense attorney, handling another case of a hitman. The detectives are talking to Marta about if there was a will. She tells them that they don’t have the will, they couldn’t find it. We get a flashback of the aunt telling Lyle and Erik that they stood to inherit $14 million when the time came. Jose had threatened to write them out of the will because of their issues with following rules.

The detective then looks into if they could locate the will and they find out that they found a will and when he looked for a new one, he found a file on Kitty’s computer that had been titled “will” but it was deleted from the computer. They find out that the hard drive was wiped clean and then someone brings up a check that bounced. It was signed by Lyle and it was to a computer firm. The check bounced though. They look into the computer firm and the man who spoke with Lyle tells them that Lyle told him that he needed files deleted. They ask him if he got a look at the files before he deleted them and he tells them that the one labeled “will” was corrupted.

It sounds like the parents started a new will, but never finished it. Get rid of the new will, get rid of their parents, then they would still inherit the money. We get a look at Erik going back to his house with Henry and having a panic attack when he sees all the pictures and stuff around the house and he starts flashbacking to the night he found his parents dead in the house. He is sitting in the corner of the living room crying and shaking when Henry comes into the room.

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