Young Sheldon 2017 Recap: Pilot – Sheldon Starts High School!

Tonight we will get a special preview of the newest series on CBS called Young Sheldon. Young Sheldon season 1 is a spin-off to the popular CBS series, The Big Bang Theory. Keep reading to find out all the hilarious details of tonight’s episode of Young Sheldon 2017 right here! Stay tuned for more Young Sheldon episodes coming this November!

SPOILER ALERT: Young Sheldon 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Young Sheldon season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode of Young Sheldon off with Sheldon playing with a train set in the garage when he is called in for dinner. They all pray before dinner and Sheldon is wearing mittens while holding his brother and father’s hands. As we know, Sheldon is a germaphobe. They are all chatting about school starting in a couple days. Mary asks each of the kids if they are excited and George tells her that it’s hard to be excited about school when Sheldon is going to be in the same grade.

The talks then turn to who is going to church with Mary on Sunday. Her husband, George Sr., says that he can’t because he has to meet with the other coaches, Georgie tells her that he can’t because he has to study his playbook and when Missy tries to get out of it, Mary shuts her down and tells her she is going.

The church sermon is about evil thoughts and Sheldon asks Missy if she has evil thoughts and she tells him that she is having one right now. She tells him that when they get home she is going to kick him in the nuts, but he tells her that she can’t because they haven’t descended yet. He then turns to Mary and asks her when he should be expecting his testicles and the woman in front of them turns around. She asks Mary what is wrong with him, Mary tells tell her that there isn’t anything wrong with them and then tells her to turn around before she knocks her daylights out.

Later, Mary tells Sheldon to go play and that’s when one of the neighborhood kids, Billy, comes and scares the crap out of him with a chicken that he was holding. Why he was carrying a chicken, I’ll never understand. The next day when they are getting ready for school, Sheldon can’t find his bowtie. Mary thinks that Georgie took it and when she goes to look in Georgie’s room, George Sr., comes in and tells her that he was the one that took it. Tells Mary that it’s his first day of high school and Sheldon isn’t the only one starting high school and tells her that Georgie is also going to that school. That doesn’t stop Mary from getting Sheldon’s bowtie back.

Sheldon is in the car fixing his bowtie and when they get to the school Mary talks him into losing the bowtie by bribing him with a trip to Radio Shack that weekend. When they get into the school, Mary reminds Sheldon that if anyone bothers him he needs to tell them that his father is the football coach and his brother is a football player.

Mary and Sheldon find his homeroom and she asks him if he wants her to go in with him, but he tells her no. She starts to cry, but tells Sheldon it’s just allergies. He walks into Homeroom and instantly starts pointing out all of the dresscode violations to his teacher Mrs. MacElroy, including her mustache.

We then get a look at Mary, George, the principal and all Sheldon’s teachers in the principal’s office. They are all complaining about how Shelton has questioned all of them credentials and claimed that one of his teachers wasn’t following the hygiene policy. Mary tells the principal that she doesn’t have a choice but to keep him there because she can’t afford private school and she can’t home school him.

We then get a look at Georgie at football practice and he is getting called the “dumb brother” which sets him off and he then storms off to the locker room. George Sr. goes to talk to Georgie to find out what is going on and he tells his father that it’s because of Sheldon. Later we see as George Sr. tells Sheldon that he needs to mind his own business sometimes after telling him how he lost his last job as a coach. He explains to Sheldon that he found out some of the other coaches where breaking rules and he told on them and got fired for it.

We end the episode off with them at the dinner table saying Grace and Sheldon takes his mittens off to hold his father’s hand. We then see as Mary follows through her promise to bring him to Radio Shack for ditching the bowtie.

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