Big Bang Theory 2017 Recap: Season 11 Premiere – Proposal Proposal

Tonight we will find out what Amy’s answer to Sheldon’s proposal is on The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere! We will also watch as Bernadette and Howard deal with some unexpected news. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory 2017 right here with my TBBT live recap!

SPOILER ALERT: The Big Bang Theory 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
The Big Bang Theory season 11 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory off with Sheldon still on one knee after asking Amy to marry him. His phone starts ringing and it’s Leonard and Penny wondering where Sheldon is. He explains to them that during his lunch with Dr. Nowitski, she kissed him which made him realize that Amy was the only woman he wanted to kiss for the rest of his life. So he got on a plane and went to Princeton and asked her to marry him.

When Leonard and Penny congratulate them on their engagement, Sheldon tells them that they aren’t engaged yet because she is taking forever to answer him. Amy tells him it’s because he is still on the phone and he tells Leonard and Penny that they will call them back. He hangs up and almost instantly, Leonard’s phone starts ringing again and it’s Sheldon to tell them that she said yes!

Amy and Sheldon are calling everyone to tell them the great news. We then get a look at Penny and Bernadette are talking to and Bernadette seems a little out of it. Penny asks her what’s wrong and Bernadette tells her that she has something to tell her, but she can’t freak out because she is already freaking out. Bernadette tells Penny that she is pregnant again, but she hasn’t told Howard yet.

Meanwhile, the guys are at the University and Raj is hitting on Dr. Nowitski, but she is shutting him down, hard. Later, Bernadette decides to tell Howard about the pregnancy and he is freaking out a little bit. Then Bernadette starts to cry because she is trying to convince Howard that they would be okay, but then realizes that they won’t be.

Meanwhile, Amy and Sheldon are having dinner with a couple of Amy’s colleagues and things get a little awkward when Sheldon tries to turn the talks to an ‘all about me’ conversation. When Sheldon and Amy get back to where she is staying, Sheldon tells her that her colleagues are rude. Amy insinuates that maybe it was him being rude and that they were her colleagues and wanted to talk about her work and asks why that bothers him so much. He tells her it was because he was in the room. Compares it to asking Optimus Prime over for dinner and not asking him to turn into a truck.

Bernadette, Howard, Leonard and Penny are having dinner and Bernadette and Howard are talking about how freaked out they are. Penny and Leonard tell them that they are there to help them in anyway they can. Bernadette and Howard bring up how Penny and Leonard should have a baby too! That way they could all go through it together. Leonard and Penny shut them down. Raj is talking to Stuart about how miserable it is to be alone and then mentions how it’s good that he has friends like Stuart who are also single and Stuart mentions that he was going to close up early because he had a date.

Meanwhile, Sheldon is sitting in the bathroom after Amy stormed off to her room and he is talking to Dr. Hawking and he makes Sheldon realize something. Sheldon goes to Amy and uses an Avengers analogy on how he shouldn’t have been trying to take her spotlight, he should have just let her have her moment. He tells her that maybe he should just go back to Pasadena and let her have her Princeton experience on her own. She tells him he just wants to go home because that’s where everyone makes a big deal about him. He tells her that he colleagues are right, she is a genius.

Amy and Sheldon walk into the University cafeteria together and they see Dr. Nowitski there. Amy walks up to her and instead of beating her up like the others think she is going to do, she hugs her and thanks her.

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