Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Recap: Series Premiere – The Vulcan Hello

Tonight we kick off a brand new series in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Discovery. In tonight’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery 2017, the new members of the Star Trek universe will explore new worlds and civilizations. Make sure you keep refreshing this page for the latest updates and information on tonight’s Star Trek: Discovery series premiere!

SPOILER ALERT: Star Trek: Discovery spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Star Trek: Discovery season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at T’Kuvma talking to a large group of Klingon’s telling them that it is important for them to reunite and fight for their people. We then cut to Michael Burnham and Philippa Georgiou walking through the desert and just when they think they were lost, the USS Shenzhou shows up.

We hear Burnham doing a log and she is talking about how there has been some damage to the USS Shenzhou, but that she is hopeful that they will be able to get the communications relay back up and running. Burnham goes and tells Georgiou about what Saru had found. When she comes out with Burnham to talk to Saru, they find that there is something outside their ship, but they can’t find what it is.

When they are able to locate it, they find that it is somehow scrambling their signal and they aren’t able to focus on the creature. They get a telescope out to try and see it the old fashion way, but they still can’t figure out what it is. Burnham has decided that she is going to suit up and go check it out, Georgiou tells Saru to go with him, but he doesn’t seem to want to go.

Georgiou gives Burnham the okay to do a fly by to see what the creature is and she suits up and heads out into space to check it out. She is recording her log and communicating back to the ship about being ready to go. She heads into the direction of the unknown creature that they suspect is the reason for the damage to their communication relay.

As soon as she gets closer to the field, her comms to the USS Shenzhou go down, but she can see the object. She is describing the object to the computer running her suit and keeping track of her time. She is on a strict 19 minute time limit so she isn’t exposed to too much of the radiation. She lands on the object and while she is logging what she sees, the computer tells her that there is something close by. When Burnham turns around, there is a Klingon behind her.

The Klingon charges her, but she is able to defend herself against it. The next time we see Burnham, her helmet is broken and she is floating around in space and the crew of the Shenzhou are trying to figure out how to get her back on the ship. We then get a look at the Klingons who are not happy. Burnham was retrieved, but she has radiation burns on her face and body. When she wakes up, she leaves sick bay and tells the crew that they need to be on red alert.

She tells them that there are Klingons, but Georgiou tells her that no one has seen a Klingon in 100 years. The crew thinks that she is hallucinating because of her concussion, but she then tells them that she killed the Klingon. They then realize that something is scanning their ship. It is the Klingon ship and inside that ship the Klingon’s are having a discussion about how T’Kuvma could assume all of the Klingons will come together and fight when no one has said they would. Voq steps up and tells T’Kuvma that he would be willing to fight.

Meanwhile, Saru has told Burnham that he noticed something about the Klingon ship, it is covered in pods. Inside these pods are remains of Klingons. Like coffins. Saru thinks that they need to retreat or they will all die. Georgiou is talking to the admiral when Burnham walks in. He tells her that she should try not to disturb any other warrior races they haven’t communicated with in 100 years.

He tells Georgiou that he will send other ships in to her coordinates to aid the Shenzhou and when the conversation ends, Burnham tells Georgiou what Saru suggested. Just then, Saru calls out to Burnham and Georgiou and they blinded by a bright light and a really loud noise. They are able to mute the noise and figure out that it is some kind of communication for backup. Burnham decides that she needs to make a call.

She calls Sarek to tell him about what happened with the Klingons and then asks him how they handled the Klingons back in his day. Burnham them goes out to tell Georgiou that they have to fire against them, but Georgiou thinks it’s too soon. When Burnham questions her in front of the crew, Georgiou pulls Burnham aside and tells her that she needs to stand down and that they aren’t going to take any innocent lives based on Brunham’s gut feeling about a war that hasn’t happened. Burnham knocks Georgiou out and then goes out to the crew to tell them to get ready to strike against the Klingons.

Georgiou stops the order to fire on the Klingon ship and tells Burnham to stand down again, but this time she is pointing a weapon at her. Just then, the bright blinding light is turned off and they are able to see that the Klingon’s backup has arrived.

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