Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Preview: Series Premiere (VIDEO)

Calling all Trekkies! Tonight we start a brand new series called Star Trek: Discovery, which is the first new Star Trek show since Star Trek: Enterprise which ended in 2005! I know I’m excited and I’m sure you are all excited too!

This series takes place about a decade before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise. We watch as Sonequa Martin-Green, best known for her role as Sasha in The Walking Dead, embraces her new role as Michael Burnham, First Officer of the USS Shenzhou. Burnham was raised as a Volcan, but is the first human to ever attend the Vulcan Learning Center and Vulcan Science Academy. She was raised by Sarek, which is bound to confuse some fans who know that Spock didn’t have a sister in the original series.

According to the show’s Wikipedia, the executive producer of the show, Alex Kurtzman says that her back story will be revealed in a way that would not break the existing canon. They also have Sarek listed as Burnham’s surrogate father.

During the course of the season we will also watch as T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader, works to unite the great Klingon houses which ends up leading to a cold war.

There is something you should know about Star Trek: Discovery. It will premiere tonight on CBS, but then it will move to CBS All Access for the remainder of the season. Star Trek: Discovery is the first show that has been specifically designed for the CBS online streaming platform. There will be 15 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 1 and it will be broken down into two chapters. Another bit of information for all of you, I will be covering the entire season right here on Headlining Hollywood!

Stay tuned for my live recap of Star Trek: Discovery tonight starting at 8:30 EST. In the meantime, check out the official trailer for Star Trek: Discovery right here!

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