Who Was Eliminated on Project Runway Season 16 Last Night? Week 2

Last night we enjoyed another episode of Project Runway season 16 and I have always loved these types of challenges! Last night’s episode was called An Unconventional Recycling which meant that it was an unconventional challenge using recyclable materials! The designers had to make a fashionable look out of these recyclable materials and they also had to do it in teams of five!

No one was overly thrilled about having to work with each other, but they made the best of it. Shawn was having a hard time rebounding from being in the bottom last week on Project Runway season 16 and also ended up in the bottom this week with Sentell. In the end, Shawn stayed safe and Sentell was sent to pack up her work station.

The winners of this challenge was team Ballin’ on a Budget who consisted of Kenya, Brandon, Batani, Aaron and Ayana. I will say that this team worked really well together and their looks were impeccable. After everything was said and done, Ayana was named the winner of this challenge. Take a look at the winning look and losing look below and let me know if you think that Sentell deserved to go home or if you think Ayana deserved to win! Click on the image to make it larger!

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